Lunching at Maju Junction

After coming out from Subang to quote a system relocation, my next call was at Maju Junction at the Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman/Jalan Sultan Ismail corner. Because I was "delivering" a phone, this means that I would also have to activate the line for the customer.

But a wonderful surpise was that the customer literally took the phone from my hands and bede me farewell. So, with some time left, I decided to have lunch at Maju Junction since my full parking hour was not up yet. But here is something to note:

Between 1230 and 2PM, your parking ticket becomes a free pass. Yep, when I intercom-ed the parking guys, they told me that its free parking for that duration and there is nothing wrong with the ticket. This caught many of us by surpise. So, without any hesitation, we legged it and hoped it was not a prank.

"You mean I have to trace all the cables from the top floor to here?"
What you're seeing now is just a small part of the big problem

I was too late, but this guy apparently just fiddle with the clamp and it released
Then again, serves him right for parking at the wrong spot.
Note: That is NOT him in the black car. His was a Waja

Spikes on the clamp, just in case you like to roll your car out

OK, Good boy! Now, reverse and let Daddy out now.....

Holey Moley! 7-11 is selling Nescafe Mistra at RM2.90!!!!

The Batman Begins "Berry Blast" also comes in a can
If you don't like the Slurpee, that is.