Trip to Pasar Road

[13.03.2010 1337]

Yes, yes, is Saturday and yes, I've gone to Pasar Road again. And its the only time I am free for myself; from 9AM to 13PM, I am on 'me' time. And this means, 'me' wants to go Pasar Road. This time, there is nothing much on my list except for some white LEDs for testing, left turning indicator housing for my car, a surge suppressor for the car's sound system and the odds and ends which catches my fancy.

Only a caucasian would ride a bike like that in

So, I got some test pens to replace the one I
broke last week, a sponge for my soldering
iron stand, a battery tester (again), a Wira
left turn indicator housing to replace the one
where the lens dropped off, some coin cell
battery holder, some 5mm White LEDs and
a surge suppressor for the car's sound system.

Oh, and on the way back, I got two Ultraman
guns for RM10.00. Yeah, yeah, the plastic is
weak and the barrel's a bit weird. Anyway, I
am going to modify them (when I have the
time, that is) into something else.

This battery tester uses a long LCD screen. My
other tester was just a simple analogue meter.
I bought this one for RM25.00........

It uses a single AAA battery and when they took
it out to test, the battery was still in its wrapper

Testing batteries is very easy, for a 9 volt, you
just touch its terminals to the contacts below.
OK, still full charge.

For 1.5volt batteries (i.e. AAA, AA, C, D, N)
you just extend the top and connect the
battery. Voila.

On the way home, after repairing the puncture,
I stopped by Yam Yam Tree and got some nice
dish. Too bad they did not have petai but then,
Wife said now its no the season for petai. Haih.

So, why did I but the curry rice and all? Simple. From Mondays to Fridays, it was all Chinese food and I am so used to eating Nasi Lemak, rice with dhal and Malay food, this was another reason why I go to Pasar Road. There, I can have my fill of all the curries and potatoes and whatever spicy dishes I fancy. If I don't have them at least once a week, I think I will go nuts. Ha ha ha ha!