Trip with Loctor

Here are some pictures I took when I was trying to show Loctor around Sg. Wang area. I must apologise as the photos were too little because the condition of my hand worsened when we were lunching at Kim Gary's. I tried to show Loctor almost every toy shop in that area before going to XL-Shop's HQ. But lucked out at Bandar Utama/TTDI because I was really screaming (inside) for painkillers.

The old fashioned way of getting the news at a non-Starbucks cafe

My hand was getting too painful to hold this shot

Proof Malaysians never liked reading books even at Borders

This is a superduper mega bike

Which can outrun anything

And driven by a guy who has a hazard light lamp lens stuck to his face

If this was real, we can forget about tanks

Gout attack

Well, I did not expect this one to crop up. It happened yeasterday when I was drivng Loctor around KL, trying to corrupt him with toys. But by afternoon, it was too painful for me to drive anymore and so, I had to leave him at 1-Utama and go home for some medication.

With a slight fever and feeling drowsy, I was still quite awake to stop myself from buying another model kit which just arrived at night when my friend called me up. Anyway, I am not typing too much today as the hand is still painful.