Living in a Box

Never to sit still, we three decided to walk about and after a few minutes, I realised why everyone needed a seat. It was hot, humid and carrying Kaelynn all the time made me very tired. Since I do not want Kaelynn to wander off, I decided to put her in a box. And then, Kristine was interested, so I got her another box as well. Then I ran back to my wife to borrow her Nokia 6300 and began taking photos.....

Something wrong with the lens, as Kaelynn does not look
that flat. And the colour is off too. Kaelynn does not look
too happy and I found out later why
BTW, two kids in a box for RM1.00

This was taken before Krsitine starts to go into the box
and closed all the flaps

And here we go....

I must agree with my wife. This is the
best Kaelynn shot ever.

Another Warehouse Sale

Before you can read out the first chapter of "War and Peace" my wife wanted to go to a warehouse sale too. But it was more for the two girls. Depending on the items, their prices are quite reasonable and sometimes, downright cheap. But herein lies the problem with warehouse/garage sales: When you realised that most of the items there are at knockdown prices, you will tend to buy more than usual. And the trap is sprung as you will go nuts, wandering to every shelf/corner, etc. to look for more items. Not only that, you will overlook minor things like product defects and also missing items. So, it is wise to bring your spouse or at least, a stingy friend as they will help counter all these madness.

In this case, the wife will go in and choose all the items she thinks they need or WILL need. Then, their anchor would be the spouse who will wait outside and when she comes back, they will carefully sort out the items. In the end, the whole place looked more like a market (or some survivor camp) with lots of people sitting down with their "wares". Note that the spouse is also good for otheri things like taking care of the kids and babies. As for the stingy friend, well, they will make sure you do not invite them for anyother warehouse sale since they have "no time" to buy anything while waiting for you. Ha ha ha ha.

Comparing the two warehouse sales that I have been to, there were some similarities and this was borne out of necessity. They will actually give you some black bin bags for you to put all your stuff so that it is easy to bring them to the counter. And this would also encourage you to buy more. Apart from that, the one which my wife went to, had a lot of street vendors. So, while waiting for her, I could gorge myself with those keropok lekor and drinks. But it was not the case as with the two girls as I had to watch over them too.

The men were left to protect the kids from
Ice-cream sellers, junkfood vendors and also
other kids who likes to run around knocking
everything and everyone in their path

And they are also there to protect the wive's
haul in case other jealous wives came and
snatched their goodies. Those sitting on
the ramp are being punished for having
bad fashion taste

Husbands help buy hiding the
defected items away from wife.
Because if there is a defect, she
will go in to the tent again and he
has to stand guard duty for another hour

Kamen Rider Kaiza Pointer

More on this leter. Want to get? Go get it at the Litt Tak Warehouse sale.

Box contents, missing battery flap

Gold and silver plated, expand, pull scope out

Led in binoc, like holo laser scope