A typical night.........

Nothing to blog tonight. Just got suckered with a RM3
"Hello Kitty" ice cream where 1/3 of the cup is only the
ice cream and the rest is a rubber vinyl toy.

Yeah, Kristine is puzzled too.....
(Why Daddy buy small ice cream so cheapskate wun)

LCD Screen

Darn it! The phone system fell off the wall and hit the Notebook. So, its (the screen) gone now. I thinks its because the PABX was too heavy for the plasterboard. So now, we have to get a stronger mounting system for it. We did not have them as the other department keep taking them for their own use.

We guessed the impact was on the rightmost area

Such a waste for an old Notebook


[This was a draft]

23.03.2008 Why did I take this picture? I forgot too


Today, we're both going to Alor Setar. This means a few hours drive and my colleague used this excuse to get a FM MP3 player for the journey. I wanted one too but for the price he got for it, its a bit too expensive for me. I mean, you can buy a lot of baby milk powders with it (oops)

Anyway, I got the chance to try it out too. The device reads SD/MMC cards and USB thumbdrives. But this version has no remote. Anyway, here is the summary of the things I noticed during the journey.

1. When plugged in, its very loose inside the socket and can easily power off
2. Once its powered on, it takes quite a bit to detect the USB and also start playing
3. I think it has some sort of memory as when I took the USB drive out and reslot it, it seemd to "remember" the last song it played ans started again
4. There is whining from the radio during quiet moments. I think its from the spark plugs
5. The LCD display has white backlight but is not a good feature when you're driving
6. The buttons are hard to press and with the loose connections, getting to your favourite songs are quite a task. You really need the remote.

My USB Thumbdrive stuck up the player, while playing
Jewel's "Hands" 911 Tribute

Socket to me, Baby!

[This was a draft] Sorry for the post composition but this was all I could remember when looking at the photos.

I have forgotten when I got these from but they highlight what happens when exposed to neglect and the environment. All those things you take for granted and then hide them behind your furniture or under the desk. Al those things stay hidden even when the cleaning lady goes through your place with a wet mop. All those things you put outside the guardhouse when forget about them.

Until they start to have problems.

Then you'd call for service and people like me would have to come.

This is a 4-way socket I got where the cleaning lady
was very enthusiastic with her mop everyday

As you can see, most of the contacts are corroded
or in bad shape

This is the 4-way socket I got from the guardhouse

And see the contacts? They're corroded as well

Coming back to the first socket, you can see the
effects of water on voltage (electrolysis)

This is another 4-way socket similar to the
Guardhouse's but suffered minor water
problem. You can see the green connector
turning black.

On the right is the modular plug which suffered
worst from the water reaction. It was plugged
in when water came in

The contacts for the plug in the 4-way socket
mirrors the damage. So, the socket must be
changed and the cleaning lady chided for her
stupid actions.

This is the actual guardhouse 4-way socket when
opened. See the dirt and insect remains? This is
beyond service and must be changed.

And this is the plug to the Guardhouse's 4-way
socket which needs to be changed too.