Trip to Sarawak Part Five (Sunday)

[This was a draft]
Last day in Sarawak.

Today is Sunday and I can't wait to go back home. Its not because I was tired going from place to place, waiting for planes and mostly, I missed my Kristine.

I took another morning walk about town and snapped some more pictures. Since my check-out time was 12 noon, I have nothing else to do but to read the Sunday papers again and again at the lobby until the Taxi driver comes at two in the afternoon. Luckily for me, he called up at one and aksed if I do not mind going to the airport earlier. Heck, I replied, "Come and get me now!"

This Hotel is good! I was wondering if I get Sunday breakfast today and then, this coupon appeared

My last breakfast, hard boiled eggs, kuey teow, and other things I forgot what it was

This guy just pulled up a chair while I was gone, ate his breakfast and left
He was so hungry, he did not notice me taking his picture

Damn! They scratched my luggage!
Then again, this is a Worldwide Disease