An Eventful day

Well not, actually.

Today was the day where we, as Management, sat down for our Annual Review and Budgeting. So, after our analysis, we are on track but there are certain areas which needs to look into.

Then, I was reminded to have my tyres changed since its already been one year. This time, I am going to fit back into the "50" tyres and not "55" as they keep rubbing into the car's upper wheel arch. All was fine until the tyre man came over and showed me other stuff. My car needed to have other things changed such as bottom engine mounting, steering cover (forgot what it was), gaskets, and air-con ball bearings. So, I had to fork out another RM200 or so. Ouch.

The bad thing was that the car would be ready by four in the afternoon, which means I cannot travel up to Alor Star (Five hours drive) by then unless I plan to stay the night at a Hotel (not again).

However, by three in the afternoon, we received a call from one of our customer in Temerloh that their phone system is out of order (Which we classified as System Down*). Since my car was not ready, my colleague decided to use his car while I get all the tools ready.

After one and a half hours drive, we made it and the customer was impressed that we responded so fast. Although we had dealers there, we decided to pay our loyal customer a personal visit.

And when we came back, it was almost nine at night and after clearing our stuff, its time to go to Al Kenchana. One the way there, my car drives woderfully, except for the rear wheels. Since it was from the front's "55", now it kept scratching the rear wheel arch when I corner or go through a hump too fast. So, I would have to get the mechanic to raise the height of the suspensions for another 12 months. Ha ha ha ha!

After the Meeting, its time for Lunch!
We have some cookies, lemang, Fried Noodles and the cake!

I mixed Wine with some Orange, drank a few glasses before someone tells me that its about 17%
Oh no! I get drunk at 7%!!!!!

Birthday cake for the two birthday boys

*System Down - Where the Phone System does not work at all. This is an emergency situation where we drop whatever we're doing, and whoever is the nearest to the customer must respond.