Kaelynn's Bathcap

Its one of those cold nights where mommy would not let the girls wet their hair during bath-time. And so, the only solution would be to use a bath cap since I am hopeless in keeping water away from their hair.

Kaelynn with her very own bath cap after she
commented that Mommy's stinks.

Another great chili?

Just so happens that I actually had time to go to lunch with my colleagues, what with all the chaos around me (that will be another story one fine day). And the best part was that the food she ordered came with a very delicious looking chili sauce. Fortunately, it was too hot for her and so, I get to have the rest.

Boy, this chili is good. Just right after I took the first bite, I started to sweat. Its hot, and well, a little bit oily, I think. And the secret I think, were in the chili seeds left on the plastic dish after I finished it. Wow.

The only things missing were the chopped garlic
and spring onions. Boy this is good!

Shedding my skin

Just the other day, when I was scratching my back, I was shocked to see so much 'lou lai' (grime) on my fingernails. And usually, this is the area which is hard for me to wash with soap. So, I washed again and again but they still turn up. It was not until this morning that when I saw my skin flaking off, did I remember that I had sunburn the week before. Phew.

Yes, I am wearing emerald underpants today,
thank you very much.