LCD Network Cable Tester B

Second, it has band English. Roughly translated, it means:
1) Warranty void of you break it
2) Make sure the cable has no voltage in it or else

One good thing is that it can also double up as
an audio emitter for a cable tracer probe

Although the instruction says the standby period is
impressive, if you leave it on, the batteries would
be exhausted after two days

The design flaw? If you need to test the cable far away
and not like a loop, you need two of the same thing
Now, that is very very expensive. But if you
compare that to the normal network tester,
the cost is about 30% more?

LCD Network Cable Tester A

Yesterday, while rushing to drive up all the way to Kota Bahru, I had to drop by one of our vendors to get some cables. And I came across this Network Cable tracer. The reason I was interested was because it has an LCD screen instead of those Christmas lights LEDs. So, I bought them on the spot and more than 500KM, I came to my sense and realise that it was too late to return the damn thing. Still, its a good tool nevertheless except for one fatal design flaw.

For the price, they also give you a very nice flimsy fragile
little bag to store the tracer

At one glance, you know your cable is either behaving
itself or being naughty

So, how does this compare to my other Cable Tester?

First of all, the LCD screen is flimsy plastic

Stuck in Kota Bahru Pt.1

OK, like shit goes, it happens. There were a lot of problems this time:
1) The distributor refuse to let his tech stay overnight and thus, he had to leave early to fly back
2) The cabling contractor wired the panels all wrong (which means another day's work)
3) The phones lines from the old office has not yet been transferred until tomorrow morning
4) I cannot install the surge protector because there is no Earthing.
5) I have to leave by 11AM tomorrow morning for another 8-hour drive all the way to Prai and then to Alor Setar the day after

So, come tomorrow morning, the phone system will only be 40% up. Yeah, the Main-con is running around like a headless chicken: He's panicking because he knew the cable contractor has screwed him. Throughout the whole daym he was very nice to me. Because if I get pissed due to his mistakes, I would drop everything and leave the place. Really.

As the Main-con, he should have gotten everything ready before I come in since he sceduled me to start work a day or two before the client moves in.

You got to be kidding me! How am I going to
put these extra wires into the metal box?

We have set the system up, complete with the wiring
and the arrestors and are about to pack up. Until we
found out 80% of all the telephone points are wired
randomly by the cable contractors. And theres more........

Darn it. I was walking about so much, cleaning up so many
problems, my socks are worn out. It now keeps slipping
into the shoes everytime I take a few steps

Fried rice again, along with some petai and a nice
piece of fried chicken. My reward for the day:
Midnight Dinner/Supper