Junked PSU

We took back a customer's PC today after they complained that it was not working (for months!). The PC could not start at all. And not only that, when I opened the casing, the "standby" LED on the motheboard was not even lit. This is bad news. After much probing about, all it ever needed was new power supply unit (PSU).

Before junking it away, I decided to open up the
PSU. This is the part which failed.

And this is the effect of the failed part

I decided to keep the casing because one might never
know it might come in handy, just like the spare PSU I
kept (when we salvaged a few PCs last year.) for
emergencies like this. Yeah, my Boss did not nag me
about hoarding anymore. Ha ha ha ha.

Unfortunately, days later, after the cleaning lady took the trash, the customer wanted to have the faulty part or else no repair. Haiyo. Yeah, laugh's on me.

Kristine's Pyjamas Party

Today is a very special day for Kristine because its Pyjamas Day! Its the day where she has to wear her pyjamas and bring her favourite toy to school. I think a blanket and also a pillow was required but I am not so sure. Still, she was very excited about it. Until I realised that she can just wake up, go straight to school and probably sleep there......

And so, on a bright morning, this little girl
got up and yawned.

After putting her stuff into her bag, she is ready.

OK, almost ready, then. She still looked sleepy.