Yes, sir! Yes, sir!

And so, as early as seven in the morning, I had to get up, freshen up and head off to the customer's office before eight. This was because on the day before, (Sunday), everyone was working except us. And I did ask the customer (on Saturday) if we should work on Sunday,ehich he said, to come on Monday.

And so, halfway enjoying our Father's Day, another customer called, which she wanted us to com eon Sunday. But I told her about my conversation and besides, its Father's Day, so its hard for me to get away from the Family. And so, for the whole of Monday, I was literally walking up and down, between left and right wings, avoiding crap and dodging flying shit, yada yada yada.

By the time I came back, I felt as if I had a nice workout on the legs. Boy, talk about free Gym membership.

Customer: Hmm........ this is no good. The system is too far away from the rack and too high.
Me: You asked me to mount it there.
Customer: Umm hmmm..... perhaps you should mount it slightly lower and closer, OK?
Me: Yes, Master, Lord of all IT Land and Photonic Data Servers.

So, now he has four unexplainable holes

There's something about Kaelynn,,,

She was being very naughty today. And so, I had to
separate her from Kristine. I ordered her to another
room and sit there as punishment. Within minutes
of boredom, she started to get some toys from the
toy box and play with them, cleaning up after she
has finished. Maybe she sense that I was angry
with her. Or maybe, she is learning...

The 1701-A Project - Deflector Dish First look

After so many years, I got this back from Kenny (minus the instruction sheet and decals which I lost it). I still cannot believe that this model will be at least one meter when completed. My problem with this is not the painting or accurizing it, but the lighting of the model itself. Since this is a brief first glance, I will tell you what I am going to do. I will create two versions of the circuit.

The basic circuit
This circuit will just give you the normal navigation strobes and that's about it

The interactive circuit
This one is more complex than the first. It would have the lightings for the deflector dish, the photon torpedo launchers, the impulse engines and also, the warp nacelles. And you can actually press the buttons for each effect (just like a museum piece? Ha ha ha). Due to the complexity of this, it would take a very long time to complete. (unless someone pays me Rm5000.00 a month to stay home and do "serious" work like this. Bwahahahhaahha!)

Anyway, here is the box. You would not believe how big
it is. The box is just big enough to cover the biggest part
of the model, which is the Main Saucer

And here, Kristine is holding the main saucer.
Big or not? Once the model is completed, I
will have a problem on where and how to
display it. And I am thinking, coffee table.

The hole at the back is designed to house a 3mm LED.
Here, I tried using a BLUE LED. Its not that bright as
this is roughly how bright it looked as without flash,
the camera would be fooled and then set the picture
to give a false image that it is indeed very bright
when its not. Still, I think using the BLUE LED alone
would not solve the problem. Why? Because I am not
sure about the "Ring of Lights" at the edge of the dish.
I must see the DVD again. Because when its warming
up (yellow) and fully operational (blue) I hope that the
"Ring of Lights" would follow the colour as well. Sigh

At the moment, white looks good but this is not what I am
looking for. Still, I suppose, with some reflective aluminum
tape behind there, it would make the effect more promising.
Not only that, the outer dish would have to be painted white.
Worse to worse, I would need to make the hole bigger to fit
in a 5mm LED is as the light dispersion would be bigger.
Or I could just fit in a 1Watt RGB Luxeon with Lambertian
Lens which would make the thing glow, but too much.

How are you doin' !

OK, so, a bit of a little bad news. My Senior Tech is on MC and this means he won't be coming to work. This means that I cannot take Wife to the Jalan Hang Tuah flats for her to look at some clothes (and also for myself to take a look at Miniature Hobby's new shop). What started out well ended up in a series of cock-ups. For one, we had to re-install the phone system after the customer saw for himself that it was not what he imagined it to be, eventhough we followed his instructions perfectly. And so, my Junior Tech had to go back all the way to get the hammer drill in the office. And not only that, as we were not consulted on the move, the customer did not realise that the digital phones uses the outer pairing or the connectors. Although he spent quite a bit on the Network cabling, there is no way we can re-punch the cables to cover up his error. And so, I proposed to do the cable change at the actual phone point via makeshift cable converters. Not only but the worst thing was that when I was about to finished the cable termination, we discovered that the list his staff gave him was not as accurate as it should be......

And so, this part of the renovation is now complete. Now, we
have to move the meeting table into Boss's room.

My desk is facing the window while my techs are
facing the wall. Oh, we won't get the sofa. Its there
temporarily until the Visitor area is done.

And so, we relocated the system
once again, leaving four holes in
the wall for no reason. After I did
some tidying, the cables now look
more organised.

And we went for lunch since everyone went out for lunch
as well. I waited for my technician to return with the drill,
where we moved the phone system before we went out
for lunch as well. This whole thing costs me RM11.50, with
drinks of course. My wife told me, it must be the seafood
which I took. But the tempoyak (fermented durian) was
worth it. Still, we won't be going back there anytime soon.
The service sucks as you have to get their attention for
drinks, wait for them to come over to your table to charge
your food. And ironically, there was a long line at the counter

After lunch, I set my technician to create 32 of
these cable converters.

With nothing much to do until the list
is ready, I sent my tech home at 5
while I waited. Once I completed this,
it was already 8 at night. And I told
the customer of the error.

ME: So, how? Can I come back tomorrow (Sunday)?
He: Everyone comes on Monday
ME: Are you sure? No one would be able to use the phone on Monday morning.
He: Well, if that's the case, thats the best we can do
ME: OK, if you say so.

[Update] The customer (other person in charge) called me up to get me to come over on Sunday afternoon as she was worried about the phones on Monday. I could not comply since we already planned for Father's Day Celebration for both lunch and dinner. (OK, so Boss said not to go until Monday) And so, I would make it up to her by coming before 8am on Monday. But after thinking much about it, the phone system could not be up until later because I am very confident that the customer did not realise about the patch cords needed to connect from the phone system to the selected tables. Although we did not get the cabling job here, it is my responsibility to keep the customer updated on the situation eventhough this phone system (serving as a backup system) would only be used for two to three weeks, which by then, would be replaced by the IP Phones, thus marking the end of our business with them. But the worse thing is, he has absolutely no idea how serious this will be, come Monday.

Unfortunately, by the time I was able to come out and reach the bookshop, it was closed and I could not prepare more IR pens for Loctor who was here for the weekend. Dammit. Sometimes, I hate this but so far this job puts food on the table. How I wished my other "job" can replace it.