The most reliable handset

Boss: Hey, take a look at this.......
Me: Uhuh, its a handset.
Boss: Notice anything different?
Me: WTF. Why would they do that? Its crazy!
Boss: Its a Nitsuko or Meisei (I can't recall)

The end of the telephone cable's jack is inserted into the
socket INSIDE the handset. In normal design, the socket
are outside. In this case, the jack's plastic clip is broken
and to change it, you'd have to open the handset to do the
change. One customer got pissed off and cut the cable I
think. OH, see the dirt on the left? That's the dirt from
the sweat of your hands. It stinks and needs to be cleaned.

Dr. Who's Future Sonic Screwdriver

And finally, it came. This is the latest sonic screwdriver from the Dr. Who series. It appeared in tow episodes, "Silence in the Library" and "Forest of the Dead" and quickly gained a following. The sonic screwdriver was from the future and it belonged to Professor River Song who knows the Doctor but we're not told in what way. The episode gained a high viewership went it was broadcast in 2008. Even of you have not watched the current David Tennant Dr. Who series nor have any interest in it, I would recommend you to start with the two episodes. After awhile you'd be hooked. Initially, I was never interested about the Dr. Who series but after seeing David Tennant bringing him to life, I was a bit hooked.

Anyway, after my first sonic screwdriver, Character Options came up with another, which is the Future Sonic Screwdriver. Initially, when it came out two months ago, it was quite expensive but after some waiting, one of the sellers in eBay came with a very reasonable amount, almost the same as my first sonic screwdriver.

And so, after two weeks or so, it arrived on my desk.
On the box is the picture of Professor River Song who
met the Doctor in the future.

The screwdriver comes in a two part plastic pack and even
separated the batteries. Maybe its a trend to stop a lot of
people from pressing buttons here and there, especially the
"Try me now" toys where the batteries are usually half dead
by the time you got it home. Doing so would actually lead
to more broken toys on the shelves. But then again, its a
good indicator of how long a toy can last. Ha ha ha ha.

This time, the design for the sonic screwdriver's
three LR44 batteries is quite unique. All you
need to do is to turn the end cap and it's open.
Alas, you still need to use a screwdriver to open
the cover for it. But if you turn to the other side,
it looks very futuristic. I am not going to show it
to you, you just have to get one yourself. Heh.

And here you go. Professor River Song's Sonic Screwdriver.
Its supposed to look dirty although its from the future, where
the Doctor gave his to her for some reasons unknown and it
was modified to this stage, presumably by the Professor herself.

Oh, looky! There's a blue LED in there!

Open the secret cover and it reveals a neural relay.
Now, press the grey button........
(Originally, the five green LED comes from a normal
10-segment LED bargraph.)

And now, its gone red, which means the LED is a custom
made 3mm RED/BLUE. It can be done because I did order
some 1000 pieces of Yellow/Blue 5mm rectangular LED
custom made from China before. The price is quite
reasonable too.

However, although I liked the toy, its paining leaves a lot
to be desired. But that is not the main gripe. They have
designed the sonic screwdriver in such a way that all the
seams of the two plastic halves of the body can be easily
seen. And it would take a long time to putty and hide
them. And so, I have to leave it alone.

The Future Sonic Screwdriver and the Dr.'s.
Kinda made the Dr. Who's sonic looked so
bland and boring. Hee hee hee hee