PCMCIA Wifi Card

Sooner or later, I had to get one. Really. Five years ago, before the Centrino Chips came out, everyone was using PCMCIA Wifi Cards. And then, USB became fashionable and everyone upgraded to USB Wifi Cards. Now, with Wifi being a standard feature in all new Laptops, the USB and PCMCIA Wifi cards seemed so passe.

Unfortunately, there are still some loser like me who could not afford to upgrade their Notebooks to the latest models. And so, I am stuck with a USB Wifi. However, where portability is concerned, stuff sticking out of the Notebook is a no-no as it would shirten their lifespan dramatically especially where the clumsiness of the user as a stupid clod is concerned. And so, after years of searching, I went back to eBay and got a PCMCIA version for less than RM50.00 (with postage as well). Originally, I wanted a 3COM which has a retractable antenna. Its the only brand to offer such feature. Unfortunately, they're all "obsolete" here as not much dealers carry them anymore. And looking at the prices in eBay gave me second thoughts. So, with this PCMCIA card, I just have to be careful again.

So, this is what came through the post box a few days ago.
My clerk told me it had arrived and put it on my desk. But
when I told me tech to bring it with him to Seremban for
me, he brought my black tool box instead. Haih. Potong stim.

I like the design on the left of the card. When I looked at the
MAC address, it said someting about Belkin. Hmmmm

It juts out about an inch. And compared to the prevoious USB,
this one picks up Wifi signal better. Last night, the USB was
connecting/disconnecting every second. Here, I got a good
signal and so, that is why I can post the blog for the day here.

And already my ConfigFree picks up the few stations.

So, what happens to the old USB Wifi? I am not sure but if I ever do get
the chance to have a cheap PCMCIA card reader, this whole thing would
be take out even though a lot of people asked me what it was, looking so
cangih and all. Ha ha ha ha