Stanley MiniTripod

I must stop this. I am getting more and more obsessed with Stanley Tools. Just after I bought the blade, I went for its mini torchlight too. Maybe I am a sucker for new designs and although my head tells me that it is just a mini torchlight with a single White LED and some small batteries just like those in the disposable lighters, I went ahead and splurged RM10 regardless.

This is a mini keychain where it opens up like a small
tripod. The head can swivel up and down too. For those
who are familiar with Babylon5, the head looked like that
Narn Alien or something.

Oh Boy. When I need to change the batteries, it
might be expensive. The top part is a slide switch
which is difficult to operate since it is so rigid
But then again, maybe its supposed to be so
since its going into people's pockets a lot

The light is so-so when compared to the 9volt
6-LED torchlight. 6 against 1. Ha ha ha ha

Still, I like it. Until I went to their
website and saw their Titanium

The FireAngel Makeover?

Yeah, guess who she is.

Bouncing spiky thingy III

After opening the toy, this is what it looked like.
I am not sure if the impact did it but the battery
nearest to the front is bulging.......

Stanley Knife

OK. When it comes to tools, I am sure there grades to them. However, in Malaysia, the brand Stanley is quite prominent (to me, that is). Or maybe, Stanley is the upmarket version for tools. Still, what they offered are better quality tools, IMHO. So, its that fact that I decided to replace my "lost" RM7.60 Stanley knife. Yeah, I bought another Stanley knife. Maybe the yellow/black colour combination appealed to me.

But after seeing the blade, for the first time, I had to buy it. Hee hee hee

This is the RM15 Stanley cutting tool.

The knob is to loosen the handle which allows you to slide
metal blade out or, when you need to open it up to change
the blade inside

Or so I thought, since I can't read Japanese anyway.

And so, this was the blade's first victim.
Word or advise, although it is a nice heavy blade, do not
drop it as the blade will snap off and cut someone.
Or never us it when there are live wires around...

Moving II

This was the second weekend that we are moving. By now, almost everything is in place. The walls and partitions have been completed and so were the moving of the furniture. All we have to do now is to reinstall the phone system, the network and also the alarms.

Everyone is arranging their working space

My technician is handling the communications side

My desk is at the far end, just next to the gray partition

And I could not help anyone because I was stuck in
a customer's place cleaning up their cabling which
was "spoilt" be a previous installer. After six hours on
the floor, my back gave way. Ouch

Keep on Working

Whatever it is in Life, we must always strife and make
sure we always do our job, come rain or shine or lorry


Nothing much exciting happened while or office Internet is still down since Terrorkom's normal promise did not materialised. But there are two incidents where Kristine made our day.

After her Sunday bath, she was about to run out of the house
until I distracted her with my mobile phone

Wearing pants on your head still does not make you a mobile Pirate

Lighter LED

While moving, I came across one of those disposable lighters with LED lights. Since the gas was gone, the owner threw it away. But the battery's still good, though.

For RM2.00 or less, you get a free torchlight module

Its still working, see? I used a pen to touch the leads together.
And after it stopped working, I get a free White LED

Moving Office

We're moving office. Ths was planned since months ago and only finalised once everyone agreed on the location. But because I was busy and all, this time, I did not help much. The move took about two weeks. As we could only do it during the two weekends and also in the evenings. This showed how busy we were apart from our normal business.

Just think about it. We moved about 500metres away and we saved RM800 in rental. But the bad thing is, we're on the upper floor, just above a Karaoke Lounge....... Can't work late nights anymore. Ha ha ha ha ha

This is the old office. Behind the metal network cabinet
was my table, or where I was supposed to sit

My techs removing all the shelves and moving the stock
at the same time.

All the stocks after moving needs to be accounted for....

The shelves being rebuilt on the new premises.

Bouncing spiky thingy II

A few days after I came back, I noticed that the toy acted weird. But nevertheless, Kaelynn was very interested with it. It was not until my wife told me that the toy was broken. Yeah, erika told me that we're supposed to shake it and not to whack it against the wall. So, after feeling the toy a bit, it was slightly deflated and I could feel something broke inside.....

Kaelynn loved to play stretch with it

And also bite it too

But I really feel pity for the toy which lasted only a few days