Kristine's Table Set-up

Kristine set up the table for lunch. Which is quite
impressive. I think it was inspired by last night's
outing to Itallianies. So, you have the utensils and
serviettes all laid out. Serviettes? I don't think we
bought any serviettes....

OK, so its toilet roll....
Still, full marks for being imaginative

The problems of counting with fingers

While waiting for Mommy buying some groceries, I took the girls to a nearby 7-11 and let them pick their choice of sweets. Also, because of Kristine's problems with money, I decided to teach her and also test her at the same time:

Me: OK, your sweets costs RM1.00 and Kaelynn's is RM0.60. How much is that?
Kristine: Erm..... One dollar... sixty sen.....
Me: Think of the one dollar as 10 and the sixty as six...
Kristine: .... its sixteen!
Me: Yes, and now, its actually, RM1.60. Now, if I give you RM2.00 for you to give to Koh-Koh there, how much will he give back?
Kristine: ... erm... sixten.... um... twenty..... (after a very long time...) But Dad, I don't have 20 fingers!
Me: ...

Kaelynn's writing exercise

While Kristine was busy with her class, Mommy got Kaelynn to practise her writing. This is because unlike her sister who writes using force, Kelynn was more of a light-weight just like me, In fact, most of what you see on her, is more or less my characteristics. Anyway, Mommy prepared a piece of paper for her to practice.

After one example, Kaelynn must start to write...

... and write...

... and write...

...and write...

And if there are any mistakes, its my
job to make sure she re-write again.

Occasionally, Mommy will correct her too

OK, half-done. But there is still
a lot more to go because every
three words, there is a mistake

OK, this is the last one and at the same
time, Kristine's class was wrapping up too