Kristine at 1-Utama

On Chrsitmas day, we thought that everyone is out celebrating Christmas, Mid-Valley would be free. How wrong we were. By the time we got on to the road, it was jammed up. So, we detoured to 1-Utama, which we had not had the chance to go for more than half a year (or more). And it almost the same situation there as well. So, I had to park the car far away.

Maybe because it was Jusco's sale that attracted the crowd and I met two of my friends there too. At least, we have solved Kristine's New Year clothes problem.

Since we did not have lunch, we stopped by (outside) Giant. We eventually settled for Uncle Chin's Chicken rice since the "Penang" did not have the fried rice/noodle/assam laksa we wanted. And the weird thing is, the baby powder for Kaelynn can only be bought outside Giant's Cigarette Store. Yeah, the tins inside there were samples. I guess this is because Giant does not have those fancy wancy security tags to seal the tins like Carrefour and Tesco, so, they resorted to push all this to a bored auntie at the counter. Unfortunately, the milk we wanted was "out of stock". Dammit

By the time it was time for us to go, we found out that most of the cars parked at the roadside were given the opportunity to help the Police's pockets.

This is one of the dangers we faced when going
to any store. Kristine now knows where the toy
department is, and we have problems trying to
steer her away from the plush toys

Somewhere in the middle court, there was a
dancing show where dancers came out from
Mickey's arse

At Uncle Chin's, water was the main priority for Krsitine

And the more she ate, the more she drank

After Mommy's mineral water, my Iced Lemon Tea was next

Kristine soon discovered that the Iced Lemon Tea is very cold

And soon, she realised how a Lemon tasted

The reason to all her drinking? MSG la

And wherever we go, we used up a lot of both wet & dry tissue

Merry Christmas

Yeah, Merry Christmas whatever to you too
Just keep the yogurt drinks coming