Irritating Salesperson

Today I parked at the open space parking lot behind the Coliseum. And as usual, I am sure there would be some salesperson selling crap to you. I am not sure if they actually want to make a living or just to piss you off. You see, in this open space, once you park your car there, you would have to be prepared for:

1) Crows doing their dive-bombing sessions in the evening
2) Salesperson selling all-in-one polish
3) Dodgy Malay fella selling watches
4) Salesperson selling other things.

The reason I never buy from them, or in actual fact, I DO NOT want to buy from them. For example, if I got a Rm42 made in Japan polish what else can convince me that the RM19 (I am not sure of the price) can be much better and cleans more? I mean, how can a chemical that looks almost like water, can be that effective? And not only that, if something bad happens to the car, who is responsible? (Take into consideration that there are usually 5 bulky guys working in a group)

Instead of the Indian fellas approaching me with their miracle all-in-one spray polish, I was approached by a guy wearing a Yellow Proton T-Shirt. He waited until I have parked my car, and thats when he struck. I cannot make a fast getaway nor hide in the car as he was standing outside, bekoning to me.

So, with his folder, he asked me about the types of locks I have installed in my car. At once, I know I must shake him off because if not, he will go deeper into his sales pitch and I'll be a goner. You see, what he is selling are those metal plates which deters thieves from using objects to open your car. But the problem is, this is an old product which I am sure, all car thieves have upgraded their skills already. Furthermore, if he can install that thing on the spot, the thief can also do the same thing.

So, I replied that I am selling my car next week. He then noticed my car is dirty and full of junk/stuff inside. Then he asks what car I am going to get because those metal plates can be transferrable (wow). At this point, I was getting impatient, so I replied, "1964 Morris Minor" (OK, I know nothing about cars) and seeing him go blank for a moment, I am guessing, neither is he. Just to make it more interesting, I told him excitedly, I am going to take that 600cc car (power a bit like Kancil, I elaborated) for a Rally soon.

Either he knew I was bluffing or he wanted to escape my boring lectures about classic cars, he just said, "Oh, ok, nevermind"

Stupid asshole wasted 8 minutes of my time and I did not even get to finish my cock-and-bull story too. And I wanted to tell him the wonders of how we used methane (fart gas) and hydogen pentacide (It does not exist) to replace the lost fuel for that car in one of the Rally Stages after our fuel tank broke when it hit a wild boar.