Big Loh Mai Kai

Usually, when a person eats the Loh Mai Kai, it must be at the right hotness. It can be anything from. "OK, I see some steam coming out-hot' to 'Aaarghhh! I burnt my tongue-hot'. The reason is so that you can eat the soft, oily glutinous rice and also, savour the aroma and taste of the cooked, oily chicken. Yes, its oily and very oily. That is why, when you order your Loh Mai Kai, they will bring it out from the steamer immediately and onto your table.

But for me, as long as its food, I'll just eat them. And so, it was during this time, I had cold Loh Mai Kai for dinner. Which is not a problem to me because when its cold, it becomes hard. I don't mean hard as in rock hard but hard as in everything in there has just stopped ozzing and sliming about hard.

And also, its the first time I have seen an aluminum foil version

And its big

Which is OK for me because, I can pour in the garlic chili sauce and eat it while walking all over the house