Kaelynn's Birthday

Its a Special Day, today. For someone who's going to be three! And so, she has gone from being a toddler to a smart girl now. A very very special independent smart girl, I would say. And after watching her, she is starting to grow up to be very beautiful and sometimes, she almost look like her elder sister too.
And so, Kaelynn gets a kiss from her sister
as her Birthday Present.

We bought her some presents at Tziplee and when
I opened my big mouth at the counter, both of them
got a special gift from the lady there, despite our
friendly objections.

And Kristine also had her share of presents,
which is for her coming Birthday. But I am
sure, we'll be buying it again since we all
would have easily "forgotten" about this
promise not to buy any. Heh

Big sister allowing Kaelynn to choose her
own eraser from the colletion

For me, I got some stuff too, which is a nice blue
highlighter, an eraser, a pencil case and last of
all, for some weird reasons, a refill cartridge for
a dry eraser, selling for RM3.90

OH, OK. So I wanted this years ago when it first
came out, but it was being sold for RM4.90 or so.
What struck me was the design and when I was
ready to buy it, it disappeared. So, this time I
made sure I got it. Even if I cannot use it.
Stupid, eh?
The gift from the Lady at the Tziplee counter.
We jokingly wanted to gift wrap a slice of the
Birthday cake but by the time everyone had a
slice, it was practically gone.

Mom cooked the yee mee for Kaelynn, with lots
of prawns as well. She loves them but gets very
itchy later on.

This is the new cake from Baker's Cottage, which
I forgot what it was. All I know was that it costs
me RM39.00, it was soft and delicious!

Big sister helping Kaelynn to
blow out the candles.

Kaelynn cutting the cake for everyone.....

..... and Mommy stepped in moments before all the
chocolate and strawberries were picked off.