Beware of tow trucks

I was on my way back home, using the Federal Highway. The Asiajaya stretch towards KL was clear while it was jammed on the opposite side. Suddenly, there was this loud metal sound, as if there was an accident. So I turned my head to the right, suspecting an accident on the opposite lane but there was nothing wrong. Still, the metallic sound was still there and now, there is this burnt smell, like the ones you get when someone used a grinder on metal or lorries draking downhill.

Then I looked in front which was a tow-truck towing a Dark Blue Proton Saga and was in time to see its rear left wheel rolling happily away to the left-hand side of the road. There were sparks on the road as the rear body is now slanted. So, I guess, the Special Effects in the movie about sparks caused by cars scraping on the road was quite true. Anyway, the tow truck guys quickly veered to the side lane.....

Too bad I did not stop to take pictures.

Storm's coming!

Took this picture minutes before the storm hits.
In just seconds, the dark clouds covered the whole
place and rained heavily. I got wet trying to come
out of the car though.