Caught cheating

As usual, I came into the class unprepared and this time, we're having an exam. The worst thing is that I have no idea what the exam topic was. And so, after being handed out the papers, we began. And as I looked around, my classmates were totally unprepared as well and some were busy writing answers as if they knew/studied.

Not only that, I have never seen that teacher before and one of my classmate looked very familiar like the ex-colleague I knew. He was discreetly handing out pieces of answers to everyone and as luck would have it, I was too slow to get the papers. So, he snuck to my desk and sat in front of me because he too ran out of answer papers. So, he took my exam paper and started to write on it and also prretent that the paper belonged to him.

The teacher saw that and snatched his (mine) paper away. Sometime later, he came back again (How he escaped, I do not know) and gave me another set of papers. But the more I looked at it, I noticed the paper has a rough texture. And when I opened all the pages, it was actually a newspaper with some exam questions printed on it.

And I thought to myself, die-la. This is first term exam and if the teacher come and collect the papers, I am going to fail and I might even be thrown out of school. So I woke up only to see my wife sleeping next to me.