5mm squares

Why oh why did I buy these? Its Rm2.50 a pack and
it comes in pinkish red, green and even blue. Its a good
fit for those square LEDs or other props. But at the back
of the packet, it shows you how to buy more packets so
that you can stick all of them into a mosaic pattern and
thats about it

Battery Checker

Although I have a temperemental multi-meter, I could not resist getting this battery tester. There were two version on sale, both with the same price but I got this one instead because the other model resembled more of a digital sperm. OK, because its design of having a long tale would be considered too "fragile" when I put it into my trusty toolbox.

This is a very simple concept. The little box houses a very small meter. You just connect the suspected battery onto the probes/connectors provided and then read the result from the meter. It can test batteries from AAA to AA to D to C to N and other 1.5v cells. Even button batteries and 9volts are can be tested. Bear in mind, if I am not mistaken, the meter has been calibrated for 1.5volt batteries and also 9volts. Any other voltages might give you a wrong reading. Like those 12v car alarm batteries.

But then, what if the button cells that are 3 volts? Hmmm...

Nice and compact

See? Just flip the "leg" open and connect the battery for testing

How they trash your trash

I always wondered how they remove these type of rubbish bins. I know that you need to drag them up to a lorry but I have never seen them doing until now. OK, so I feel like "Orang kampung", K?

Step One:
Make sure you have thrown all you rubbish and no other scavengers are about
Then wait for the guy with the lorry to come

Step two:
Since he is doing the towing, he is now the master of the situation and is therefore
allowed first choice in picking up salvageable items before closing it with his
tarpauline (in case debris some off them, ma)

Step three:
He will then manoeuvre the lorry into position, unhook his br....er, hook, drag
the bin up to the lorry and then its done

This happened so fast and within minutes, he was done and so I had to run for cover

Welcom to Wisma Antarabangsa

I know that parking in KL was expensive but RM32.00?!
Yea, I forgot that this building charhes RM2 per half hour
compared to the other buildings which charges RM2 per
hour. Should have read the sign more closely. Ouch