CNY Lunch at Jogoya

Today is another family gathering day, and this time, I was lucky enough to be part of it. The trip to Star Hill's Jogoya has been planned since last week as on their first (taste-finding) trip, it was overwhelmingly delicious. The only Japanese Buffet I have ever been to, and liked, was Shogun at Sunway Piramid. So, going to Jogoya is something new for me. What's more, I have not been to Star Hill since the late 90's......

Here, at the entrance, there was a slight fuss.

Kristine was just 2 cm over the limit and so, had to
pay half-price instead of RM10.00. Maybe I should
have trained her more on the art of deception.....

I do not understand the significance of gold bars and
Tigers. For a moment, I thought the scupltor could
not get those full size hand-waving cat....

This is a dark place. Everything is
black as if the whole place was
designed by this Lim Kok Wing
fella. Oh, the floor is your normal
'just finished' el-cheapo cement look.

Walking through this dark place is so surreal,
as if you have just arrived in Hell or some
deep cave Nuclear shelter where dozens of
food counters just pop out with glaring lights.

And because of pillars and corners, do watch
out for last minute appearances of people
around the corner and those damn fast food
trolleys pushed by waiters who can see in the
dark like bats in daylight.

Anyway, once the girls have settled,
everyone went out to get some food
and at every table, there is a small
stove for you to make soup.

You can tell the girls ae famished because once I
got the plates of food for them, the dug in.

(L-R) Durian puffs, popiah, other puffs
and dhal cakes (don't ask me)

The crab thingy is quite nice but
its too dry and too much spices.
The satay, sausages and corn
were for the girls.

After that, I was my turn, which I took lots of
salmon sashimi, kimchee baby octopi, potato
salad and some abalone (which is surprisingly
very good)

Cold Half-boiled egg. Very very
nice but lacks taste.

Very diluted Herbal Chicken soup I got
for Wife which hated it after a few sips.
I tried it and tasted like piping hot
but refined longkang water.

For more than an hour, the Yee Sang
sat in the middle, untouched save for
some choice bits which the girls kept
picking on.

Although its 'complimentary', no one is touching it as
everyone was busy looking
for decent food. I was after
this raw fish
but seeing them (rest of the Yee Sang)
sitting at a counter, I gave it a miss.

So, its more raw salmon for me.

This paper/hair/tie clip is very useful and
instrumental in getting food to your table
courtesy of the daredevil trolleys.

Yes, my friends, it got us some burnt, dead fish.

But there is a surpise over at the New Zealand
Natural Ice-cream section, which was across
the Haagen-daaz. Everyone came here instead
since it was not 'guarded'.

Oh, the surprise? Rum and Raisin Ice Cream, my fav
flavour,which I have not tasted for years. And its
almost empty too.
Of the rasperries, rich
chocolates, oranges and mangoes, not to
mention buttersotch, everyone chose this.

The girls and their ice-creams. By this time,
that are starting to get full, and most of the
sugar are now in their bloodstream........

And so, they are starting to get very 'alive' while
everyone is still having their meals.

This is a very nice piece of cookie
and everyone is trying to get as
much as possible. Heh heh

Note to self. Do not stare at these amazing
Lava Lamps. Time does stop. Must buy....

Oh-oh, the girls are getting high.....

And so are some selected nephews and nieces.

After the meal, everyone sat outside for a breath
for fresh air and some clowning with mobile phone

While some ran and ran on makeshift circuits

Until they exhausted themselves.

Not sure what the commotion was, but I
couldn't help but to take this photo.

Just across Jogoya, this Japanese
restaurant had a very nice main

The design of this restautant is
very unique too. I like the stairs

This is priceless......
Just see the expression

Almost 'Kung Fu Panda' like
decorations at the Pavillion

And so, as we go back home, a
Happy Kong Hei Fatt Choi to you all

[Update 16.02.2010]
And later in the evening, we had our own Dinner as well, this time with a special 'Lou Sang' and a lot of stuff to eat, especially the noodles and duck. But because I am still stuffed from the lunch, its not easy to eat anything more than a few bites. But we have to hurry too as there is another Chinese New Year event at Big SIL's house which is about 40 minutes away. So, by the time we got all got ready, time factor was very important.

Yes, I have a lot of photos to upload

And by the time we finished our own
CNY Dinner, it was time to go to Big
Sis-in-Law' House where we missed
Jit Huei minutes ago at 10PM.

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Oh, OK. I just reopened my Facebook
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much, ha. This blog is more updated.

[Update 16.02.2010]
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