Its keeps you going and going and going .....

I am not sure but ever since I got my Fujifilm, I have taken a lot of photos and used a lot of Energiser E2 batteries. One thing aboutmy Fujifilm is that it uses four AA batteries and can usually last me for about 200 or so shots (I am not sure about this, though) before I struggle. Anyway, its been years now, and a set of these batteries would have set me back about RM13.00 each time. By using rechargable batteries, this would have helped my wallet. However, at the cost of RM160, my mind would then convince me to just go for the normal ones instead. Yeah, after so many years, I have wasted a lot for these batteries which needs to be thrown away once it is used.

Anyway, with my Wife's consent, I finally used my credit card to get one. I don't dare to check and cound all the photos I have taken just to see how much money I have wasted because I know its quite a lot. However, using a rechargable does have its own problems too. For one, I would have to remember to keep the batteries with me and not throw it away. Then, I must have spare in case the ones in the camera is exhausted midway. And not only that, I must wait at least eight hours to let it charge.

The pack comes with two 2500mAh batteries and if I need
to use it on my Fujifilm, I would need another two more

I chose this because I liked the casing. If it wasn't so expensive,
I would have bought two chargers and turn one into a Sci-Fi
prop or something

And if you do not need the 3-pin voltage adaptor, you
can just unplug it. Then the whole charger is a lot slimmer

Slide out the drawer and it can charge up to four AA
batteries. Pull the tab down and you can the use it
to charge four AAA batteries. Neat, eh?


Me: So, where are your cameras?
Girl: Dunno. There is one in the front and another at the back of the office
Me: Which one is not working?
Girl: Dunno. I think its the one on the office
Me: OK, let's go have a look

[I asked he to bring me a ladder and when I climbed up...]

Me: Do you know who was working up here recently?
Girls: Dunno. We all never see anything
Me: OK, here is your problem. Someone pulled the cable too hard and it was yanked out of the circuit board
Girl: Waaa...... So, how much to repair or replace, ah?
Me: Dunno. I ask my girl to quote you lor

My mini-PKD

After seeing Blade Runner, I really wished I had one of the guns. Loosely coined as the PKD (in tribute to Philip K Dick, the author), it was one of those iconic movie weapons which I really wanted. However, since it is risky to get it from overseas, I finally got the chance, thanks to Carrefour.

For RM3.90, you have a Made in China PKD with two types
of bullets, a non-functioning walkie-talkie and a whistle

The gun can really fire two types of darts. The first trigger fires the
dart at the bottom and the second trigger fires the dart on top. But
the one I had was broken and so, the top does not fire anymore. And
the walkie-talkie is hollow soft plastic as well. I did not try the whistle
as I would look foolish doing this in the middle of the street

The PKD is small but then again, for RM3.90
what can I expect?

Screwing around

Try not to screw around to much or else you could
lose your head

Loctor's Wedding Part Six - Random Shootings

OK, here are some shots which I took while we're at Loctor's place.

The view from the lift lobby

Fishes swimming against the current at the ground Floor lobby
(I had to Ultraman them just in case)

Market for Rich People

On the way back, this Penang girl was quite aggressive
even though she was in the wrong

Loctor's Wedding Part Five - The Lunch

After the ceremony, it was time to go for lunch. But not before a simple photography session turned into a free for all where everyone wants to photograph or be photographed. This was when all the professional cameramen and part-timers came in. Wow.

At the restaurant, I was again, in charge of the music. Since I am not familiar with their mixer device, an Uncle came to help me as I was told specifically to play the first song in the CD when the Bride and Groom walks in. Once Uncle left, this young chap came in and tried to be an expert. He meddled with the console, tugged at the cables and pressing the play button all the time after I paused it again and again. Finally, he asked if it was a VCD. I told him with a "you stupid or what?" tone that this is a CD. And then he walked off, feeling embarassed while his stupid Captain looked from across the room, unable to do anything. Once the first song was played, it was time to change to a more "appropriate" CD. Things got boring until Loctor told me to use back the original CD which contained "proper" songs.

Still, we had a good time, without much interference from anyone. And because our table was not full, we ate and ate and ate. By the fourth couse, we were about to fall asleep ......

Nicholas's opinion about Loctor's Wedding

Nice or not? Unfortunately, my Fujifilm could not focus during
the critical moment. Haih. Wished I had a actual Digital SLR

During lunch, Loctor was making making his round
on every table, making sure everyone was OK. Just
look at his front pocket! Full of ang-pows

Loctor making his speech to thank everyone.
Everyone would have ran away if he did his
karaoke stuff. Even Mrs. Mayat would run

Loctor's Wedding Part Four - The Realisation

With the Pastor announcing their Marriage, it reality finally sank in for Loctor that he will never be free again. And Mrs. Mayat was so happy as she finally has a slave for life and she can scold him whenever she feels like it........

Loctor's Wedding Part Three - Pandemonium in the Church

By the time everyone has arrived, it was time to get on with the ceremony. We had to make sure that Loctor's suit is alright, guests are fetted, (nice) photos taken and last of all, making sure the DJ (me) plays the right song at the right time. Although Loctor has "hired" a professional photographer, there were a lot of other cameramen running about with real equipment, making my FujiFilm look like small boy in a University. So shameful and no money to buy them too.

Well, introducing Mr. And Mrs. Mayat

Mrs. Mayat and her friends
Notice her bouquet was hand-made from real flowers

Mrs. Mayat's Sister in Law

Group Photo!
(L-R) Will, myself, Mrs. Mayat, Loctor, his friend, Zybisko and GF

Loctor's Wedding Part Two - The Arrival

Loctor's wedding is quite simple. In fact, it was so simple, there were not much ceremonies. Anyway, to cut a long story short (I am not going to talk about the forgotten 'touch&go' card), we arrived at the Church with a lot of time to spare. However, there was a bit if a tradition where Loctor's nephew, Nicholas needs to open the door of the car that Mrs. Mayat would be arriving in. However, things never go as planned........

Loctor briefing his nephew how to demand for more,
open the door for Mrs. Mayat

The one who brought Loctor into the World
which terrorised everyone with his wit

Mrs. Mayat has arrived! And now, its Nicholas's
job to open the door for her

Mrs. Mayat stuck in the car because Nicholas
forgot about Loctor's plan

Loctor's Wedding Part One - The Eve

So, this is Loctor's last time with us as a bachelor before it is announced to the rest of the World tomorrow. Will, Zybisko14 and his GF and myself car-pooled all the way up to Prai on Saturday. Since Zybisko14 and I were working, we really had to rush to the rendezvous point by 2PM in the afternoon so we can arrive by seven in the evening. After a nice dinner with Loctor, we all headed to a DVD shop, then to Starbucks at the new Mall at Sunway. Since this was his stag night we had to call it a day as we could not find any stags. Anyway, since this blog is about him, I will Ultraman everyone in the pictures

This is Starbucks's latest drink:
The Mango Passion, one with whipped cream and one without

On the next morning, we arrived at his place by 930 in the morning just as Loctor was getting ready. I have to hand it to him as he was quite calm and cheery compared to everyone else who are panicking (except us la).

Loctor: Which tie is better? The saxophone or the Grapes?
Zybisko: Did you tell them about the grapes?
Loctor: No.
Me: I'd say, the saxophones looked better
Loctor: Aw, I liked the grapes because I buy one. The saxophone Mrs. buy one
Me: In that case, go for the saxophones
Loctor: Aww.........
Me: Wei, today is her day, la. Not yours.
Loctor: Ok, Ok.

Trust me, the saxophone tie looked much better

While waiting for the time, we clowned around

Loctor with his newly MAT (Mayat's All_Terrain) car, hijacked from some innocent fella
(original term MAT = Monster Attack Team)