My Right Foot

Well, it hurts, that's what.

It started last Sunday night. When I was using the computer, I would always stick my leg into a small space. Which is normal for me.

But when I switched off the Notebook and started towards the bedroom, my right leg hurts like heck. After some minutes of hobbling, my leg sort of warmed up and and I can walk again.

I am not sure what happened but it happened again last night and this morning too. I can't blame this on my new pair of very expensive shoes (which made me walk like a Penguin too). I was "encouraged" to buy it until I have the cash for another pair of Industrial Boots (which broke after four years). Then I will use this B.First (from Bata) RM34.99 shoe for walking and sneak up on people (Is that why they call them sneakers?)

But still, why my right leg hurts is a mystery to me. There was no pain when I touched it.

So, until then, I hope it heals ASAP as I walk a lot during work.