Going to Kota Kinabalu E

Going to the airport is another matter. I really had to ask for a taxi since I did not know the place really well. Luckily, my friend there took me to a taxi stand just 200 metres from where we were. Still, I had to make a detour for nexus's coffee since everyone was too busy the night before. And the taxi was speeding all the way to the airport and we nearly had an accident or two. Still, by the time I reached the airport, I was really dog tired. And then the flight was retimed..............

I tell you, by the time I reached home, it was way past midnight. And it was also the longest two and a half hours flight I have ever sat on.

I think the girl felt sorry for me when I ordered the food
in a very tired way

Because she tried to cheer me up

Still, despite all this, I got what I wanted most