Stick no smilies

On the way back from Prai, I got these beautiful smilies.
But there are now 96 missing stickers which I have
to find. This was a mistake of giving each girls
too much stickers. But then, for RM1.90, the
offer was too much not to buy them. Ha ha ha.

We're darn well still doing it

And so, clearing our appointments for the day, we have to continue with the office renovation. By now, the technical room's wall are ready. And so are the cabling. Half of us are concentrating on the technical room while the other half did the outer visitor wall. By late evening, it was almost completed. We had to get the walls up as by tomorrow, the glass door and window would be coming in.

This is the view inside the technical room.
The far end would still be my table, which
my Boss have to maintain as I am the Big
Shot in there. *ahem*

Minutes later, the inner walls were put up. Note that
this is our own office and we're the one doing all these
renovations. So, we do learn a lot of stuff in the process.

We also learnt that in the future, we would need this
"robot" (I prefer rocket) and should call the other
contractor well in advance to borrow it. So we
would not need an hour with strings and the
water hose pipes to get things done. But we do
learn a lot though. The rocket would have cut
our education short and get the things done in

Boss also taught me how to make holes,
especially the rectangular ones, with this
partition saw. Its sharp enough to stab
you and still be able to make a nice hole
in your abdomen/head/butt, etc.

After struggling with the saw for almost ah hour,
the holes are almost done. But I have to wait for
my Boss to get away from behind the wall in case I
stab him while doing the last rectangular hole....

By almost eight in the evening, the walls are almost
done. Now, its just the matter of reinforcing the holes
I have cut with more metal frames before sealing it
with the plaster wall. Once the window and the door
are in, we can start filling the gaps with plaster

Here is how the gap-filling plaster are being prepared:
You just add water and when the water have all been
absorbed, its ready to go into the walls. Due to my
expertise with non-electronics practical work, I am
not allowed to do any of this stuff in case I cause more
damage. But seriously, this is a job where if you cannot
do anything, you just try to help out or just stand away.

DIY Phone Holder

Remember the scraps of metal I took and formed into a semi-container? Well, its about almost 80% ready, which is good enough. The magnets worked really well and the phone did not fall out on average bumps.

The other 20% are the missing black foam tapes, the same ones I used for my Lightsaber years ago. Unfortuantely, I could not find them anymore after the last move. And I am actually mulling about buying them again from RS. However, the price has gone up slightly, to about almost RM100. Ouch. Speaking of tapes, the acrylic double-sided tapes are really good at keeping it to the car's dashboard, eventhough when the car is left under the Sun.

So, the green area is for where the black foam are supposed
to go to, and I am currently using a scrap piece of grey foam
underneath as this (yellow) would form a gap between the
Nokia 5800's speakers and the case. The result is that the
sound coming out would be more directed and better. But,
if I really wanted it to be exact, I would have to put in some
metal slabs at an angle so the sound can be better reflected.
But I am not going to. At this moment.