The Cleaning Lady

In nearly every site I go to, they do have cleaners in their premises. Either the staff were too busy working or they do not realise what soap can do. So, usually, these cleaners would have to fill in the blanks. They do their job well (usually) and are usually ignored by the rest unless there is something to be cleaned. Don't try looking for a young one because these are the "seen-it-all and know-it-all" experienced ladies usually in their 50's. The cleaners come in three categories:

1) The old lady
Who is actually part of the workforce. You know this because she also makes drinks. Sometimes, there are cases where to do cook lunch as well. Her uniform is either a Ah Sam (Old lady) clothes or some collared T-Shirt with tight fitting pants that runs down to their calf. If its a Malay lady, she would be wearing the appropriate Malay dress. Depending on their mood, they usually ignore you. Its best if you did the same unless you absolutely love chatting with them for hours or like being tongue-lashed.

2) The Hired Cleaners
You can spot them easily because they're wearing uniforms and seldom smile nor look at you. In actual fact, they do NOT want to communicate with you. Although there is a wide difference in age, you do not want a Girlfriend who cleans up after you, cooks and sleep while wearing a uniform. (If you did, I do not want to talk to you). With their large uniforms and their petite size, you'd be looking around for the male version of Snow White. You would be correct to think they are the decendants of Jawas from Star Wars.

3) The Unfortunate Staff
These are the new recruits or those who "volunteer" for this job. Since they get paid every month, they get to treat you like shit and ignore you too. But if you really want to get back on them, be pally-wally with their Boss and get THEM to serve you drinks. And expect "extra" added flavour in your cuppa. And by the way, they may look young, innocent and sexy but these kinds are best to be avoided especially after being introduced to the sadistic art of Office Politics and back-tabbing Kung-Fu.

My encounter this morning was with the Ah Soh, who was going through the floors with her mop. Suffice to say, cold hard floor tiles and water just does not make my socks happy. Not only that, we kept bumping into each other as we were literally all over the place doing our jobs. I had to eat humble pie and keep my mouth shut for it is wise to avoid the Legendary Ah Soh who has the strength of 10 jilted women on PMS and 1000Watt voice of a fish monger going through a Rap session.

This is what a typical hired cleaner looked like. Yeah, I cornered her in a lift

Now, who on Earth would want do that?