AhliFikir @ Cash Converters

There is something about Cash Converters which I like, and its much better then those Garage Sales as I do not have to bargain much. So, this means all the old stuff is there for you to browse without any old auntie looking at you as if you're some kind of a serial killer for cats. And what I like most, are the prices. Some are cheap, and some are a bit ridiculous. But then, there is the opportunity that something you wanted all the time, could be found.

But still, while looking, I am very sure the "good" stuff are being kept or bough by the staff. But then, so what? Anyway, I have not been to Cash Converters since 2004 and its like going back to the wonderful toy shop all over again.

This is one of the songs I was looking for:
Ahli Fikir's - "Angguk-Angguk Geleng-Geleng"
And I found it!!!

Unfortunately, its a promotional CD, not for sale.

Still, this is a small price for that song

There is no spoon..........

This is the spoon for people on diets.
Or this is what happens when you leave them on the road