I hate follow ups

To be honest, sometimes I am very disappointed with my techs. When I leave them alone to do their job, I expect them to complete it properly. However, for the past few months (and years), I felt as if they have regressed to their former "tidak apa" state. In other words, we have to tell them what to do and they will do it. And we would not know if the job is done unless we ask them on the next morning instead of them informing us on the spot.

And the worse of all, was the latest case where I accidentally discovered their incompetence. I mean, when I send them to do their job, I expect them to use their brains and wit to get the job done PROPERLY and not through short cuts. I was so mad that I sent them back all the way to Seremban to do it again, with me in tow. Its a waste of petrol and resources.

And so, they just lay a sub-standard cable from
the mains, wrapped it over the power supply
and covered it with tape. Then the just hid it
on top of the roof.

And so, now, I insist they use
proper cabling and a proper
mains faceplate for the power
supply up there.

Meanwhile, I decided to inspect a camera which they
(inspected it a few weeks ago) say it has some moisture.
The could not take it back for checking since the CCTV
unit was important in that area.

And so, I used my CCTV Tester MKII to help
check the unit.

Opening the rear revealed the circuit board for the
unit's power. Note the nut at the cover of the unit.
If it rains, this camera will be totally soaked inside.

And removing the power board, I found that they
have stuffed a packet of silica inside to combat
moisture. This is a very good idea.
This is also a good time to you that I have opened
the wrong end of the CCTV camera.

Anyway, once I got top the right end, I
discovered where the problem lies.

The unit was alright. It was the glass which
was fogged up at both ends. After a quick
clean, the camera was OK again.

Since I was hungry as we rushed out of the office,
I decided to eat in the van where we packed some
Nasi Lemak on the way to Seremban.

After the quick lunch, I felt better and before
putting it back, I re-focus the camera so that
the image is better. Here, all you have to do
is to loosen the screw (yellow) so that you can
adjust the camera lens.

This is the image before the servicing
Note the time, which is 14:23 yesterday

After cleaning the lens and re-focus of the camera.

Here, this is the other camera, which is also
affected by the same problem. And its also
about two in the afternoon, which means
there was a lot of sunlight.

And after servicing and re-focusing...... tada!