Poopy day

This is Kristine's third week and visitors are still coming; our Brother-In-Law and his wife who just rushed back from Singapore. Last week was my Mom-in-Law, 4th Sis-in-Law with her daughter, 7th Sis-in-Law and 6th Sis-in-Law (who rushed back from Singapore)

Kristine was doing her best achieving more than her usual quota today, and also drinking more B-Milk, almost non-stop. We kept changing diapers after diapers and I saw no point in injuring myself with the safety-pin, so....................

Termite attack

Just barely a week after the Pest Control guy came, the termites are at it again. This time, its at my Sister's room. I reported (to anyone who can hear my complains) that I hear their crunching noises a few days earlier. Apparently, the termite spray has got them on the run (from the Kitchen) and while looking for a new place, most of them fell on my sister's bed. Luckily, it was covered with a white bedsheet which my Wife noticed.

This is bad news. Lest year, it attacked my stuff, went for the Storeroom, then the Laundry room, the bathroom roof near my room, the Kitchen and now this. Sigh

Oh, look. Their nest is starting to take shape.

These jolly little fellows are still at it even after I used the vacuum cleaner on them