1:14 cars at Toys r Us

As soon as I have finished dealing with my customer today, I decided to have a stroll at the local Toys r Us to cheer myself up. The case I have been handling is not over yet and it is very stressful for me. What what did I see at TRU? The reason why I am looking for such car now is because of one nice little car i saw on the Internet. I cannot reveal it yet because to modify a car to such extend is beyond my skills. It would be really embarassing it if failed too.

A lot of 1:14 scale R/C cars, that is.
They were priced at RM89.95
(for members, la)

Shall I get the Camry? Nope because there are
no spoilers and sideskirts like the ones I see on
the roads. Lexus is out too because its well, not
brute looking enough.

The 350Z looked like a Porsche imitation. How about
R35, hmmm? It looks brutish enough and fits my
requirement. But lets have a further look.

Well, this is way out of the question.

And Honda. pfft. I hate Hondas.

Ah, this I like and this is the exact car I am looking
for! But for RM79.90 and a bit smaller, this is one
that I will have to mull over.

The GT skirts and exhausts are all there but in the end....

Size does matter. Wha ha ha ha ha ha!

Delivering Goodwill

Its almost about a week before Chinese New Year and so, everyone is busy getting Ang Pow packets (empty one, of course), mandarin oranges, hampers and so on. To the Westerners, this is almost akin to bribery. To us, its part of life. The Company does this every year for their customers. And if you do not do this, you're the odd one out anyway. So, for this week, you will see a lot of delivery vans and bikes on the road. And you have to do this fast because by Thursday or so, it will be too late as the person concerned would be taking a long leave.

The boxes of oranges arrived last night from a freezer truck and so, by this morning, it was still cool and well, fresh. So, each of us were allocated to a certain amount plus spares (which I used for quality control). Although we can get the company van to deliver, I took a some to deliver to the customers I know which did gave me some problems last year. I always believe in the personal touch.

Although I have some customers, I personally delivered
a few as I know them well. Moreover, this is the one
chance I can really go there and thank them.

And before I go, I took the precaution to check all
the oranges
first. Any bad ones were swapped. And
boy, I was glad I did
that because out of 12 boxes,
a total of two boxes equivalent
of oranges were bad.

And these customers were a bit difficult for
me in the past year and so, I have to make
sure everything is 'perfect'

In the end, everything is alright.
That is, except for the missing
two boxes of oranges. Pity the
fella who took and ate them.