Yo-yo,and its not a double Hello

The yo-yo was once a Filipino weapon. Now, its a toy. But when you give it to a girl, its a disaster.

Right now, she only knows how to lower it and I dread the time she will star to realise that she can do trick with it or just swing it all around.

A fool and his money.......

Have you ever seen a guy putting cash into a deposit
machine so that he could run home and log on to his
Maybank to do on-line bill payments and the like?

This is what happens when his paycheque is not
only late but screwed by one missing signature.

Gifts from BlueyeBabe

And so, we continue on the day after, which is to return to Pulau Indah to complete the job. And since the Technician was on Sick Leave (MC) there was only another Tech and myself to to the job. By the time we finished, it was raining again. And then I got a brilliant idea. Let him drive the van all the way back to the office!

It was a risky mission because if we were ever stopped by the Authorities, everyone in the company would be in deep doo-doo. So, the plan was simple: Get him to follow my car. In the end, a normal less-than-an-hour journey took more than two hours. But mission accomplished. It was scary because he made an early turn which, if he did not recover, I would not be able to get to him in time and we would lose another hour in the rain.

But that was not the story I want to tell. I want to tell how Blueyebabe kissed me. Actually, no ler. She will kill me and also kill herself if she did that because she might not have brushed her teeth in the first place.........

Anwyay, here is a very short story:
A girl left presents for a boy to collect to give to four girls.

Kristine said thanks

And so did Kaelynn

Late Dinner

Where was I? Oh yeah, dinner. After running like a dog the whole day, I was trapped in the office. To cut the long story short, two hours later, I came out tired, smelling of smoke and pretty loaded. Then I realised that the breakfast was still in the fridge and I realised that , apart from drink three bottles of carbonated drink, I had not had anything to eat the whole day. It had nothing to do with the fasting Technician sitting next to me but it was because the other Technician was sick, the workload just got heavier. So, I had to take them home and eat it.........

And so, for tonight, these were the only mounds
I could eat.

Which is still not bad, considering there were many
left-overs to go with it.