My new mouse

I got this mouse at Carrefour's new Thunderzone. Since I started to really take car of my mouse, they have a slightly longer
lifespan. But like all good things, my mouse just refused to work anymore. I was really starting to like my mouse, even
though it was a tad shorter. Still, as I said, my requirements for a mouse are as follows:
It has a page back/forward buttons
That's really it. These two buttons really kept me from going nuts. However, there is one small problem. Price. For almost
the same mouse, it costs about RM13.00 more. And so, I had to look for a cheaper alternative but with the two features I
could never live without. After some searching, I found it, an Anyzen mouse selling for RM40.00. I was so happy that I paid
for it straightaway. But once the euphoria subsided ( or when I reached home) I foudn that:
1) Although the cable is thick, the mouse would not respond if I straightened the cable.
2) The upper surface is slippery gloss black. So, when I click on the mouse, it felt weird. And if I rest my palm on it, the
stupid thing would glide away, dumping my hand on the table surface.
3) The back/forward buttons are flush with the mouse and this is difficult when I want to click on these two buttons.
4) I damn miss the orange "double-click" button!!!!
5)Its a Samsung.
But on the other hand
1) The roller feels nice
2) I love the clicking sound on the mouse buttons
3) It glides very well and makes the mouse feel "lighter"
4) You do not need to "install" the mouse with drivers

This is my dead mouse with its frayed cables as I
am always taking it in and out of my Notebook bag
at least three times a day

See the cables? When I have the time, maybe I
can solder them together or try to separate them
from touching each other as the protective coating
is just paint

The new mouse is bigger, which is good but it is much
lower and due to the slippery paint, I tend to slip my
hand off its round butt

You know, being a lzy person, I will miss the double
click orange button

Carrefour's new IT Section

Its now a very common trend to have an IT zone in most shopping complexes. Not to be left out, Carrefour has started its own IT zone too. How they did this was to expand their current electrical section with more computer related stuff. So, at Carrefour Subang Jaya, you can purchase things from a computer bag to a mouse to a thumbdrive to monitors to joysticks to
.... well, you get the story. Although this is not a new idea, but it would be a first for a Hypermarket to do so. Without a doubt, other Hypermarkets would follow soon but how they deal with it, we will just have to wait and see, like what happened below

Although the store looked a bit empty (the official opening was from 7th to 9th December) the moment I walked in, I can see the staff carrying and putting a lot of mouse on the shelves. Anyway, since my current mouse has died this afternoon, I decided to get another mouse for myself.

Bright lights and ample space. But there is a more sinister
matter with Carrefour. You want to know? Go in there and
buy an item first.........

The security guards at the exit will check your items for
what reasons I do not know. But what I was not happy
was this.

I did not know this until the Guard went and stamped this
on my receipt on my way out. If I knew about this, I would
not have bought the mouse.

[Update: My mouse is faulty and I cannot change it. Grrr!]

This is the mouse I got, the closest match to my
previous dead mouse, in terms of function

My new glasses

So, after waiting days for my paycheque to clear, the optometrist was getting impatient. I mean, the glasses was ready for days and if I don't pick them up, they're sure going to "remind" again and again. Ha ha ha ha.

Actually, I wanted to get my glasses done in a shop owned by a Forummer in Klang but since it was too far away and my kids could not stand the long drive (yeah, right) we went to Carrefour Subang's Focus Point instead. Throughout the selection, I kept coming back to this frame (and also it was the cheapest at RM159.00). I mean, who else would be buying RM660.00 to RM1180.00 frames which in my situation, gets broken prematurely every year? Anyway, the final total came to about RM309.

And when I wore them, I was warned about slight diziness since I was so used to my ageing yellowish lens. Yeah, and then, everything in my life cleared up instantly.

I chose this frame because it was quite comfortable especially
at the back where it sort of hugs near the ears. This way, the
times I am sweating and looked down, they will not fall off

Although the glasses uses these funny strings, I am more
concerned about the red stripes. Ha ha ha ha

This is my old glasses. Not many people noticed the
recently added extra parts

This is my new glasses and I still look hamsap

The CR2430 or how I wasted RM8.00

Today is Friday and tomorrow is Saturday. Since we're a bit busy for the last three days, i did not get the chance to buy the batteries nex needed. And so, by hook or by crook, Friday is the last day before my Boss flies to KK.

So, rushing there is was not a problem until I realised that my intended route could be blocked with cars on the roadside left by those performing Friday Prayers. So, I had to take a shortcut on the shortcut. And when I did arrive, there was more bad news. The company which I usually go to, has now shifted to AmCorp Mall. Yeah, since I did not go there for months, they have escaped from me. Muahahahahah. But that is not all, I had to pay RM5.00 for jsut 10 minutes of parking.

Then, I rushed over to AmCorp Mall and I was stuck in the jam on the way to the parking entrance because of the Lunchtime crowd. So, I had to turn back, see another customer and comeback by four. Which, by this time, the lunchtime crowd would have gone or died from food poisoning. Luckily I knew where they had shifted because they maintained their phone number. Once done, and since there were some time left before I go for another customer, I decided to stop by the Toy Shop again. Luckily they were closed and thus I saved more money. Usually, they do not close during the day unless there is an emergency. And just for that, I had to pay Rm3.00 for more parking.

Take two of these and call me in the morning!
That will be RM10.00, please.

[Update: 16.12.2007: My Boss delayed his trip to KK until next month. Grrr!]


Nowadays, with new buildings and renovations, you are faced with two types of false ceiling: plaster or plaster sheets (I am not sure of the terminology for this one). For those who are using plaster ceiling, I noticed that the only type of lighting suitable for them are the round ones called downlights, which usually have flourescent bulbs in them. Depending on where you buy them, these downlights come in a set, which is the fluorescent and the fixture, and the cost could be anywhere from RM28 to a whole lot more.

Recently, there are some new design which has a glass lens at the bottom and you can also choose to have either a gold or brushed metal ring finish instead of the more common white. So, I am going to help source for these lights as we need to move back home soon.

Unfortunately, these energy saving fluorescent lights cannot be dimmed unless we buy the more expensive versions.

This is how it would look when placed on the ceiling. You do not
see the rest of the lights, just the opening at the bottom. This
version has its own starter, etc.

This is the view you would see if you look up the ceiling.
The fluorescent bulbs are different

See the metal clips at the ring? Its used to hold the
silver reflectors in place and if its too loose, then the
reflector would fall off

I do not like this type of fixing as knowing Murphy's Law,
they will fall when you try to change them or use a stick to
poke at. So, I am going to use the screw on types, which is
more common and easier to buy in cases of emergency

What is wrong with this picture?

Anyone knows what is wrong? Anyone?