My new glasses

So, after waiting days for my paycheque to clear, the optometrist was getting impatient. I mean, the glasses was ready for days and if I don't pick them up, they're sure going to "remind" again and again. Ha ha ha ha.

Actually, I wanted to get my glasses done in a shop owned by a Forummer in Klang but since it was too far away and my kids could not stand the long drive (yeah, right) we went to Carrefour Subang's Focus Point instead. Throughout the selection, I kept coming back to this frame (and also it was the cheapest at RM159.00). I mean, who else would be buying RM660.00 to RM1180.00 frames which in my situation, gets broken prematurely every year? Anyway, the final total came to about RM309.

And when I wore them, I was warned about slight diziness since I was so used to my ageing yellowish lens. Yeah, and then, everything in my life cleared up instantly.

I chose this frame because it was quite comfortable especially
at the back where it sort of hugs near the ears. This way, the
times I am sweating and looked down, they will not fall off

Although the glasses uses these funny strings, I am more
concerned about the red stripes. Ha ha ha ha

This is my old glasses. Not many people noticed the
recently added extra parts

This is my new glasses and I still look hamsap

1 comment:

Nex said...

Haih! Always complain no money and yet go buy RM309 pair of glasses!

If you need new lenses should just buy a pair of RM10 frame from pasar malah and get the lenses made lah.

Your boss will give you more money with your stylish new glasses is it? Your customers will give you more job when they see you with your our stylish new glasses is it?

Some more married with kids, can't even use it to attract girls...

Young people nowadays really don't know how to jimat...haih!