Nowadays, with new buildings and renovations, you are faced with two types of false ceiling: plaster or plaster sheets (I am not sure of the terminology for this one). For those who are using plaster ceiling, I noticed that the only type of lighting suitable for them are the round ones called downlights, which usually have flourescent bulbs in them. Depending on where you buy them, these downlights come in a set, which is the fluorescent and the fixture, and the cost could be anywhere from RM28 to a whole lot more.

Recently, there are some new design which has a glass lens at the bottom and you can also choose to have either a gold or brushed metal ring finish instead of the more common white. So, I am going to help source for these lights as we need to move back home soon.

Unfortunately, these energy saving fluorescent lights cannot be dimmed unless we buy the more expensive versions.

This is how it would look when placed on the ceiling. You do not
see the rest of the lights, just the opening at the bottom. This
version has its own starter, etc.

This is the view you would see if you look up the ceiling.
The fluorescent bulbs are different

See the metal clips at the ring? Its used to hold the
silver reflectors in place and if its too loose, then the
reflector would fall off

I do not like this type of fixing as knowing Murphy's Law,
they will fall when you try to change them or use a stick to
poke at. So, I am going to use the screw on types, which is
more common and easier to buy in cases of emergency

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