The CR2430 or how I wasted RM8.00

Today is Friday and tomorrow is Saturday. Since we're a bit busy for the last three days, i did not get the chance to buy the batteries nex needed. And so, by hook or by crook, Friday is the last day before my Boss flies to KK.

So, rushing there is was not a problem until I realised that my intended route could be blocked with cars on the roadside left by those performing Friday Prayers. So, I had to take a shortcut on the shortcut. And when I did arrive, there was more bad news. The company which I usually go to, has now shifted to AmCorp Mall. Yeah, since I did not go there for months, they have escaped from me. Muahahahahah. But that is not all, I had to pay RM5.00 for jsut 10 minutes of parking.

Then, I rushed over to AmCorp Mall and I was stuck in the jam on the way to the parking entrance because of the Lunchtime crowd. So, I had to turn back, see another customer and comeback by four. Which, by this time, the lunchtime crowd would have gone or died from food poisoning. Luckily I knew where they had shifted because they maintained their phone number. Once done, and since there were some time left before I go for another customer, I decided to stop by the Toy Shop again. Luckily they were closed and thus I saved more money. Usually, they do not close during the day unless there is an emergency. And just for that, I had to pay Rm3.00 for more parking.

Take two of these and call me in the morning!
That will be RM10.00, please.

[Update: 16.12.2007: My Boss delayed his trip to KK until next month. Grrr!]

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