Kristine's Class made some hats for the coming Merdeka. And to say the least, its beautifully made too. Since we're days from the actual event, I would like to wish everyone a you-know-what and when the day comes, and you don't hear from me, that's me thinking you a very happy you-know-what.

The hat is a perfect fit for Kristine

Repeat after me: Its a perfect fit for Kristine

Looking for Mickey Mouse in a guitar

Just for Merdeka, everyone stayed at home. There were some reasons for that but I am not going to tell you why. So there.

While I was in my 'room' doing some wiring, Wife came up to me and asks if I still wanted the girl's broken guitar. They were about to be thrown away due to the sharp edges on the broken pieces. And so, after taking a long look at it, I decided to keep some parts.....

The first was the plastic globes which unfortunately,
comes in three pieces.

And now, boys and girls, this is the main reason
why the guitar was so loud; the speaker was in
a resonance chamber.

Like all electronics toys, it does not matter how much
it costs because everything ends up in one small tiny
circuit board. This is the hart that makes everything
looks good. Or rather, the small black glob.

And to keep the costs down, the circuit board was
manufactured from SRBP instead of Fibreglass.
Here, the board is very thin, thinner than a normal
prototype board. Because of that, it is very fragile.
Talk about cheap. But then again, if it breaks, you
just have to buy another toy guitar, since it is so
'cheap' nowadays.