The most wanted Man on Earth

Yep, that's me.

Remember the PABX installation yesterday? Apart from getting a sore back and thighs, I knew I had to go back there again today.

So, the moment I stepped in, everyone was literally all over me, because they don't know how to use the new phones. You see, although its the same brand and all, there are some subtle changes which the user has to be aware of. Although we did our best to make sure the new system works like the old one, some of the people won't be pleased. That is why, our policy is to spend at least some time (standby) with the customer after the installation to make sure they are familiar with the new system and how to use them PROPERLY.

Anyway, I was hoping I could get it all done before lunch but I hit a snag. At the back of the site, there is another connection box which connects to nine other phones I must connect. Somehow, that box is blocked by large cages (yes, cages) in the front. Rather than get into the cage (and looking like a stupid monkey) and using my tools to poke around, I decided its better to walk to and fro 18 times to connect to those phones one by one. Ok, I had to walk because the last time I was there, the staff accidentally locked me in during lunch hour.

Unfortunately, by the time I got things done, it was about a quarter past seven. While waiting for the Manager, I helped myself to many cups of Milo/White Coffee, (making my very own Neslo).

Twice the Sugar
Twice the High