[This was a draft] 23.03.2008

I saw this last week when I had the chance. So I am posting this based on what I can remember.

This is a story about Vexille a female member of some Special Forces. For nearly a decade, Japan has sealed itself from the rest of the World while producing amazing technological products. Nothing can enter Japan or escape from it.

Anyway, things started to go wrong when in a meeting with important politicians ended up with most of them being dead and with a lot of collateral damages. The Special team penetrating Japan resulted in huge losses with only Vexille and some guy surviving (won't spoil the story here). From here, we learn about Japan's situation, the love triangle and who the actual villian is.

Vexille is CGI animation and if you have been following Appleseed movies, then this is jsut right up your alley. But you cannot compare them side by side or else in terms of mecha designs and ideas or you would be very disappointed.

For RM14.90 original, this DVD sure skipped a lot

Just do your Job!

"I don't care what you do or how you do it. I just want it done by (dateline)"

Sounds familiar?

This is what every Boss (and customers) would tell you. In other words, to put it mildly, they are saying, "I don't fucking care about your problems. Just solve my problems, you dipshit".

Everyone has a job to do (but whether you're being paid or not, is another question) and they have to complete it. Just like in an office you have projects and tasks and all have their deadlines. How you do them, is not important as long as its done properly and ethically.

But over here, it is different. For example, pulling a cable or cutting holes in the ceiling. There are no courses for you. There are no such thing as a University Degree for cutting holes in the ceiling, even. So, what you do is basically simple:

1) You learn by observing other people
2) You learn by seeing your Boss doing it once
3) You learn after being scolded by your Boss

Either way, you learn. And after some time, you become an expert at this job. All good and well, right? No. The problem is, although you have the skill, there are other things you need to be aware of. But since your Boss does not tell you about it, and you also are not aware about it, you won't even want to know.

And what is that? Safety.

To everyone, a job is a job and it must be done as fast as possible so that you do not suffer losses. And no one cares how they do it as long as the job is done, and the money paid for. And the more they do it, the more they are experts at their job, the faster they can get it done.

And everyone is happy.

Until someone falls/got electrocuted/chainsawed/killed on the job.

If this stupid cunt falls off, I am going to rush over
and kick his balls. He's alone there and there are
a lot of holes to be cut. Sooner or later, he will tire
and loses his balance.

Cabling Problem

This was our latest customer, who is about to move in soon. The reason we delayed laying the cables was that they did not give us the floor plan until the last minute and not only that, the tiles were not laid for the rest of the floors. Anyway, after seeing the last customer, I dragged my other technician with me to check out our "cabling team"......

Me: Wei, how's it going?

Cable team: OK, Boss.

Me: I heard you had to buy another roll of telephone cable and Network cables?

Cable team: Yes. The shophouses are quite long and not only that, we had to pull them direct back to the second floor. So Boss asked to buy the cables at *** as they're cheaper than the one you bought.

Me: Sigh. OK. Anyway since we're here, let us help you (The cables I bought were of higher quality and can last through all these pulling and abuse amongst the floors when being laid. They were "full copper" cables)

Cable team: Ok, Boss.

After much Pull, pull, force, force, kneel, climb, etc., later, we finished most of the floors and the cable team was about to clean up.

Me: Wei, What happened here?

Cable team: Wa had to clean up the cables around here lor

Me: They broke the wall, right? And then removed a lot of the cables?

Cable Team: yeah

Me: Last minute changes. Sigh.

The broken wall

We had to leave the cables in the holes since the tiles are not done

When the broke the wall, the almost broke everything

Even the junction box were not spared

Nor were the cables

Me: Hey, the cables underneath here are wet!

Cable team: Yeah, they're wet (I hate this when they don't tell me stuff until I find it myself)

Me: Weeks from now, we're going to have problems

Cable team: Yep

Me: And I am going to push the problem to you! You should have told me about the wetness!

Cable team: Gulp