[This was a draft] 23.03.2008

I saw this last week when I had the chance. So I am posting this based on what I can remember.

This is a story about Vexille a female member of some Special Forces. For nearly a decade, Japan has sealed itself from the rest of the World while producing amazing technological products. Nothing can enter Japan or escape from it.

Anyway, things started to go wrong when in a meeting with important politicians ended up with most of them being dead and with a lot of collateral damages. The Special team penetrating Japan resulted in huge losses with only Vexille and some guy surviving (won't spoil the story here). From here, we learn about Japan's situation, the love triangle and who the actual villian is.

Vexille is CGI animation and if you have been following Appleseed movies, then this is jsut right up your alley. But you cannot compare them side by side or else in terms of mecha designs and ideas or you would be very disappointed.

For RM14.90 original, this DVD sure skipped a lot

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