Salary's in! Woohoo!

Ok, the cheque's cleared and I can settle all my bills and IOUs. Yes, it takes three days to transfer from the company's (different bank account) cheque to my TigerBank. Sometimes, I don't mind this but sometimes, when I need to borrow money and stuff, the cash must come in on time.

My Boss did (sarcastically) asked would it help if he changed the company's bank and other staff's bank to my TigerBank so that I can get my salary instantly. I replied it would help. Then, sensing that I was serious about it, he asked (sarcastically?) what if he ordered me to open the another bank account, the same as everyone elses? I replied, then I woudl still have to take the cash out and deposit it to my TigerBank since I pay all my bills and Ah Longs on-line. Ha ha ha ha

Anyway, I am given an opportunity again. And again, something is stopping me. The debts are almost paid off and if I worked for a few months more, there would be changes and hopefully, for the better. Right now, where I am, I have the authority to command a team, plan projects and most importantly, make actual decisions. Not only that, I have a company car (OK, van, for now), take leave when I want (as long as I don't feel guilty about it), and I get to go to a lot of places, even fly there. And there are other plans in the pipeline which, if everything goes well, would eventually move the company out of the deep mire it was in since the last Director left. If I go to a new place, I would not get this type of treatment. There is a chance my life might improve but, in order to enjoy all those priviledges again, it will take years or even a decade.

But then, I asked myself, does late salary really justify a career change? What if I went there and then found out that I have to start all over again? This is a risk I am willing to take, if that was 15 years ago. But now, darn it, its impossible to think about it without risking the family.

Still, lets see if my luck changes. I hope that this time, I get a 5day week with a BMW company car and enough money to put downpayment for a Toyota Camry every month. Not forgetting the perks of at least three months paid leave annually and also great insurance and education funds for the family. And last but not least, a free house or bungalow in Bangsar and more importantly, no forced participations in annual dinners and trips. Now, that is worth going to a new place for.

No more working like a monkey/donkey/dog/ whatever animal at long hours.
No more starting off as an Technician/Engineer and going to field.
No more

So, I got myself some DVD+Rs, an FM MP3 player and
1GB thumbdrive for my Wife's car. I sneaked to Digital Mall
in Section 14 PJ. While I was there, I forgot to turn off the
lights of the van. Luckily, we got a chap to help us push-start
the van in the car park. That was not only panicky but embarassing

OK, maybe I got suckered by the DVD casing (or lack of it)
because the discs are sandwiched between the base and the
cover. So, all you need to close it is to screw the cover onto
spindle. And as more discs are taken out, you have to screw
the cover deeper. Well, nice design anyway.

My MP3 player (left) and my Wife's. Her's boasts of new features
such as equalisers, 200 frequencies (87.5~108MHz) and now, you
can select any song via remote control, provided you know the
number where the song was. But, the most imediate difference is
that the LCD is inverse, but still with white light.


olivepool said...

Hi Guy,
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CFC said...

OK, but I can't seem to contact you. Maybe you would like to take a look here as well:

Anonymous said...

Late salary is totally headache, I'm not working yet still searching a good job that can paid me on time :p

olivepool said...

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but still get some questions about the blade and hope can get help, below is
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