The Playmates Tricorder V

Today is the second (and last) day of the Hari Raya Holidays for me. So, what better time than to spend it (at the wrath of my Wife) doing the Tricorder. I have gutted all the innards and test fit the electronics.

Next, I am going to see if I can divert some of the power to the lower flap rather than put another battery there. I have learnt my lesson last time: The Tricorder was put on KIV box where the reed switch was a bit faulty which cause battery to drain itself lighting the LEDs. In the end, the liquid from the battery leaked out and cause a lot of mess on the electronics (OK, LEDs) and also the stickers. This will mean another trip to Pasar Road and also to the computer shop to look for a suitable inkjet paper (either waterproof photopaper or those semi-transparent types)

Anyhow, lets see how much I can do before the November 4th Bazaar. I am still worried about how to recreate the stickers and also to have the sensor laser cut before the deadline. Otherwise, I'll have to go for a low-tech (bluff) solution. And not only that, because Kristine wrecked Mommy's glasses, I do not have much budget left. The 6volt batteries are going to put a big hole in my pocket, I am sure.

Cutting the innards with my precious RM8.900 sharp cutter
and destroying it in the process. Sometimes, I wished I had a
Dremel tool as my hands are now aching, which is a bad sign
as it could lead to a sprain or gout attack. Damn!

Oh yeah, you can also see the mistakes I made in them holes

Kristine the Chef

Kristine helping Grandma cooking some omelettes