The makings of a China Doll

The weather's very hot for the past few days and so, Mommy decided to cut their hair. I did not like it as I preferred them to have at least shoulder length hair but because of the weather, I had to give in. Afterwards, there were comments about China Dolls starting from me, right down to Krsitine's school teacher. Ha ha ha ha ha! (OK, I am so cruel today)

Mommy cutting Kaelynn's hair. She was not
really that happy to have her hair cut this
time round. Yeah, the blank space above
her forehead is still there, no thanks to her
own DIY effort with a pair of scissors

And the end result........ sigh.

System relocation @ Golden Triangle Part I

One of my Boss's first customer is shifting to a new office. And this place is right smack in the Golden Triangle, which means the rental is possibly high. However, due to relations, I think the rental is alright. And so, the first phase is to lay the necessary cabling for the phone system, computer network and the electrical. Once this is done, the customer will have the table set up before I can commence with the system relocation. The timing from them is quite good and with the absense of the normal (or expected) chaos, all of us could concentrate on the job. And so, this only took about five days to complete as we had to wait for the furniture and also the Telekom to transfer the lines to the new place.

My crew pulling the cables. We need to "hide" them above
the ceiling as this is the only place for all the cables. We
do not dare to make any holes on the floor as these tiles
are very very old.

The customer told me that prior to them moving in, the
production crew dressed the wall up to make a horror
movie. So, I guess these streaks are either fake blood
or just dark liquid. Either way, they can't get it cleaned

And they even mount a fake sink for it. So, if you guys see any
scene with this sink, well, you'll know where this was filmed.

Later in the night, we are finished. We cannot go any
further until the tables are in, which is on Monday.
And so, the guys just rolled them up into a bundle
later on. Just before we go, I told them to take the
ladder and tools back as a precaution. Its so simple
and tempting to just leave it there and then.

Sardine curry puffs @ Damansara Uptown Part III

Just stopped by the place again. This time, I decided to
try another of their vadaai. Personally, although its hot
and nice, I still prefer the first vadaai, the one without
the "hole". Heh.

Having the right tools for the job

OK. Time for a little glimpse of the tools I use almost everyday. This is what you would call an Insertion tool. Its originally from a company called Krone. And by now, there are a few variations of it. But here, in Malaysia, its often mistakenly called the Krone Puncher. What it does is twofold, one to push the cables in then, cut it off at the correct size. Where the name "punch" comes into play, is the how the mechanism works. You push the tool into the connection module, the spring would be compressed until it reaches the desired tension and then, springs back to its original position. Just like a mechanical punch. The kinetic energy released would then be directed to the pair of blades which cut the cables.

So now, after paying RM35.00 or more for it, I have the short
Krone puncher as well as the normal Krone puncher.

Why do I need one, you ask? Well, you see, sometimes
a system was installed in a very cramped space (as in
against the Rules) and there is nothing much you can
do except to get on with the job. In this case, you can
see that a normal Krone Insertion Tool is useless.

And so, this is where the shorter tool comes in. Also,
here is an example where a tool is expensive and not
necessary until you really needed it.