Weird Dream

I found myself revisiting my old University, walking all over the place. The place has changed a lot and right now, its Summer, but in the late evening. I liked to walk about when I was in the UK because everything is so close that its just literally within walking distance.

And so, while I was walking out, towards the general direction of what I think my friend's house was.
And while walking, I walked past a Chinese girl who was coming from the opposite direction. And then she turned around and demanded some money from me. I just walked away but she followed me. And then Horrors of Horrors, I suddenly felt the back of my belt......

My cable tracer tools are gone!

I exclaimed and she was surprised. This time, I got a good look at her and she is actually Korean. So, I walked a few steps further while she stood there surprised. Then I also realised that I left my black Hardigg bag in the middle between her and me and so, I quickly walked back towards here. Sensing that I left something valuable, she also started to go towards the it.

And she grabbed it, saying,
"My Won!" while hugging the bonnet of a Green Kia Picanto.

For me, I grabbed my bag and replied, "My Ringgit!"

And I woke up. Not amused but sad because I know I could not go back there at this moment and one day, if I did, none of my friends would be there.

[Actually, she meant to say, "My one!" to lay claim on the car which she thought was mine, so that she could get some money from me. And I should be replying, "Not the car, this (Bag) is mine!". Since she said "Won", as in Korean Currency, I replied the same with "Ringgit".]

The Broom

I am pretty sure I did not let her watch Harry Potter. But maybe, my Mom did, on the Astro. But I suspect, she did not because Kristine did not mention anything about Harry Potter.

So, it must be a natural instinct
to grab a broom when Mommy
is not looking...

And then straddle it between
the legs, like a flying broom.
Yeah, that's it! She said,
"Flying Broom"! Must have
watched some cartoon on that