I can't seem to upload pictures I took of my trip to Alor Setar today. Today's post would be what was in my mind when we were driving (for 5 hours) on the way there. So, I saw a lot of padi fields which got me into thinking about cows...........

So, i fyou have herd this before, moove on.

-If a cow has periods, how do we know its on PMS?

-If a truck carrying corn collides with a cow, do we get corned beef?

-Are we committing cowslaughter id we tell jokes to cows?

-If cows ate beef, do we call them cownibals or just plain mad?

-Can we call a sleeping bull a bulldozer?

-If a cow dies, can we just say that it has mooved on?

-Why is it so difficult to be bullish in a herd mentality?

-If rude chickens use fown language, would cows use horny words?

-Why is a horny cow not a bull?

-Would a cow be four times more alert to their gut feelings than a human?

-If cows have bells, what would bulls have?

-If a cow likes to eat Sea-Bass, is it because of the deep down feeling it would get?

Yeah, I know. I was traumatised because I lost my iPaq stylus during a highway stop when it (the iPaq) fell out of my waist pouch.

The King and Neo

The showdown was tonight at Al Kenchana, Subang where the two Forummers involved were going to chew it out.

One thing about the Internet is that things move very fast, almost at the speed of lunch. If you posted a thread that offended another, chances are, things would have snowballed into a big mountain and come back and bite you.

Making a beeline there once I came back from Temerloh, I would have expected a heated argument. But since I know the both of them, they settled it the Gentlemen way, apologising and shaking hands.

At the end of the day, every misunderstanding was cleared and also, everyone got to know each other better. Me? I got free drinks and enjoyed my first TT* of the year.

Friends lasts and lasts

TT - You hang out at the Mamaks with other friends or Forummers, Al Fresco style. You just drink and chat on anything about everything..