Paper butterflies

When I came home, Kristine was busy playing with Mommy's craft scissors. She was cutting a lot of stuff which I had to make sure, does not fall onto the floor as Kaelynn will definitely find them and put them into her mouth first. (Except when I am standing next to her, then she will hand it to me). Anyway, halfway through my quick dinner part #3, she came and asked me to cut a shape for her too. I started out with a heart shape but because I sucked at it, it turned out to look more like a hear with no pointy end. So, I told her, its a butterfly.....

Kristine with her own butterflies

Here, she is trying to show one to me, but I was too slow

OK, so it does not look like a butterfly, but who cares
as long as she is proud of her efforts. I am.