Table manners

Kristine, what must you do when you're eating at the table?

Yes, never open your mouth when you're chewing!

Otherwise, flies will fly into your mouth

And then you will get sick

Photos courtesy of blueyebabe's Canon Powershot A400

For Nexus

Your wish to use the 2 AA batteries is not possible as the white LEDs needs 3.5 volts. Moreover, when I got the special battery box (with an ON/OFF switch), the size is bigger than the 9volt battery. So, this circuit uses 9volt batteries. Ha ha ha ha.

The black box was for the 2x AA batteries which cannot be used now
The two small dots are the 5mm LED holders. You have to open it up
to get the two pieces. Slip the ring inside the LED and then push the
other piece through the hole and insert the LED into it. Then push the
ring into the whole assemble to lock it into place. But this works only
for plate thickess of about maximum 2mm, I think. Otherwise, super
glue would be the best alternative.

Photos courtesy of blueyebabe's Canon Powershot A400

Things on the floor

OK, so the house is a bit hot once you start to put stuff there. When it was empty, it was so cool and inviting. Anyway, we are starting to get used to sleeping on the the floor since it would be days before an optimum choice of air-con is installed. But I don't mind sleeping on the floor as I am quite used to it ever since I got "booted" out of the bed. Its cooling, I tell you. But if you went and sleep in a funny position, you'll have back aches for the rest of the day. The only complain I have is that the night light is still too bright.

Here is Kristine

And you do not need to guess who this was

Photos courtesy of blueyebabe's Canon Powershot A400

My finger can see you!

Well, it looked like an eye. This is what happens when you get
careless setting up the standing fan in a hurry. After cleaning
all the blood on the hands (and the floor) and sealing the wound
with a bandage for two days, I can see now where the pain came
from. The one on the thumb was not too bad.

Photos courtesy of blueyebabe's Canon Powershot A400