Girls with cars

I saw these small F1 cars on sale at Petronas the other day for RM2.00 each and so, I bought two, one for each of the girls.

Me: Kristine, come here.
Kristine: Yes?
Me: Which colour do you want? (I showed her the two cars)
Kristine: Red!

And so, I gave Kaelynn the white one.
Kristine: Daddy? Cars is for boys.
Me: So? Cannot play is it?
Kristine: But cars is for boys wor.
Me: You want me to take it back or not?
Kristine: No. I want to play

Sorry. There's no Blue car or otherwise I would be
playing the song about the Red Car & the Blue Car.

This is what happens when a parent gives their
kids a brand new car. Yeah, they went and
wrecked them. I shudder to think how they
will do when they are 18 by then.

Daddy, here is the box. Don't want already

Signs of danger

By now, more of less, I am able to pick up signs that the girls have been naughty again. Sometimes its not that obvious and sometimes, it just hits you in the face. And so, this time, its just there.

When I came into the the room, there was this faint smell of chemicals being used. So, its either Kristine has been playing with her nail polish again, or...............

Oooh..... looky here, a marker cap and some powder
on the floor. This is interesting. And also bad news.

And on the wall, there is even more distressing news.
Could it be Kristine or Kaelynn's handiwork?

But how can I cane her when I see this? Very very
imaginative and look, someone's driving a 5-wheeled car

Signs of Exodus

For many, today is the last working day before the Hari Raya celebrations. But its not a happy day to them because not only is today Friday, its also a school holiday. For they have to brave through another trial by Fire before the day is over. In other words, crowds and last-minute shopping.

This morning, on the way to work, the whole
stretch is jam free

And I do mean, jam free. But after 11, where everyone
woke up, I guess, the road conditioned worsened. Certain
places such as Jln TAR and so on would be so congested,
it would be a nightmare to be stuck in there.

And by evening, the rain made things worse. This is
just right after Section 25. I was coming back from Shah
Alam and it was not a good idea to use the Federal Highway.
The NKVE exit from Subang was also clogged up and so,
I had to use the shortcut to come to here. I had paid RM50
for petrol and just 1/3 was wasted for nothing. If not, I
could have gotten 300 or more Km instead of 240.

Just after KDU. I have had enough because just ahead,
it as all jammed up on the way towards Kepong and
Taman Tun. So, I took a detour on the Tropicana Mall
corner towards the Muslim cemetary and Section 17.

Here we go, and surprisingly, there was no jam!
Usually, the opposite stretch would be a night-
mare to even look at.

And so, Ladies and Gentlemen, I am home free!

The body under the stairs

Usually, you only get to see these type of photos on the road where accidents were involved. But since there was no blood, we have to assume he is not dead. And I am not sure how to classify him:

A hard-core beggar?
Can't see his face and usually, a beggar of this category has dirty or ripped clothes. And does not have a natural hairstyle even Vidal Sasson would not touch. Also, hard-core beggars do not sleep with their legs crossed. People might think they have something valuable between the legs........

A middle-class beggar?
Seems to be one. Socks looks quite and but I detect no odour. Even the clothes looks normal and not bought from some Hypermarket. Moreover, I have never seen a beggar wearing a belt. But where are his shoes? And I also have never seen a beggar drinking bottled water let alone closing the caps after that.

A high-class beggar?
Sorry. This is a not a Fairy-tale.

A guy resting?
Maybe. A normal beggar would not source for scraps of paper to lie on the walkway. And with the current H1N1 virus around, he is taking precautions too. Not only does the blanket protects him from the virus, flies and fat photographers, it also serves as eye-shields.

While I took shots of him and with people walking
past, he did not even wake up. I was tempted to
shoot more but its not easy for a fat guy to run for
his life......

A new toy gun

Sometimes, when I go to shops or places which are manned by those sole proprietors, I can never tell the outcome. Sometimes, it would be a nice experience and sometimes, you just get the feeling you're being fleeced right under your nose. To them, its just daily Life. To you, its a "I have a blog and what I say goes and so, I shall never come to this shop again" rant.. Right?

Heh. Anyway, when it comes to these people, it never hurts to be the first one to nice. And sometimes, more often than not, its the ladies who will either charge me higher or refuse to lower the price. Maybe its just me but it does happen and I am not being chauvinist. However, sometimes its the old men who do this to me. And they know, just like the ladies, I could never ever punch their lights out.

I am very sure this toy was there for ages as the plastic
bag is darkened with dust. And unfortunately, this type
of shop only takes one or two random toys supplied to
them. And if you wanted more, they're out of stock too.

Me: Excuse me, how much is this?
Lady#1: Let me see......... (she takes it down, and searches do the price tag) RM7.50
Me: Oh, really? HOW much is it? (indirectly asking for discount)
Lady#1: Let me check. (and she goes to the second lady, who looks like the Boss)
Lady#2: RM7.50 Me: Oh, OK. I'll take it. Its for my kid (bluffing, another attempt for discount) While she took the toy and was about to take my money, a old man appeared behind the counter.
Man: You want some batteries?
Me: Er, no thanks. I have plenty at home where the kids just break the toys and I salvage the batteries (its true, I tell you)
Man: Never mind, I have a lot of them here, its all cheap ones too.
Me: OH, OK, then.
Man: Here you go. (He fits in the batteries and we tried out the toy)
Me: Thank you. Here is the money
Man: OK, here's RM3 back and the battereis're free.
Me: I though it was RM7.50
Man: Never mind, never mind
Me: Thank you very much again.

The reason why I got this toy gun was because it looked familiar. Very very familiar, I might add. At that point in time, I could not recall where I have seen it but I do know, I need to get it. (Not must, OK?). Here's a short video about the toy gun.

And so, with the pull of the trigger,
it lights up the red LED at the top
and the bulb (bulb?) at the front.

So, does this gun look familiar to you?

Yeah, my memory's bad, as I so secretly
wanted it to be the Galaxy Quest Nebulizer
(Image taken from The Questarian)

Why, its no other than a late 90's NERF Lock n Load!
You can see how its being modified here.

A Birthday in the Office

Today was someone's Birthday in the office and so, as usual, we had cake. This was something we brought from the ex-company. Having this small celebrations means that every staff is appreciated and also we acknowledge their contributions. And so, although it was corny and embarassing, it had to be done (I mean the singing)..

But the funny part was that for those fasting, they only get to sing and eat later. Very much later. Ha ha ha ha.
However, whether it means a lot or not, it was the only way we could show our gratitude as giving sacks of ten sen coins was really out of the question

Under the Official "Take my Photo and Die" Act,
I am not supposed to reveal the identity of the
person in question. We do not want a repeat of
having the Office flooded again.