The body under the stairs

Usually, you only get to see these type of photos on the road where accidents were involved. But since there was no blood, we have to assume he is not dead. And I am not sure how to classify him:

A hard-core beggar?
Can't see his face and usually, a beggar of this category has dirty or ripped clothes. And does not have a natural hairstyle even Vidal Sasson would not touch. Also, hard-core beggars do not sleep with their legs crossed. People might think they have something valuable between the legs........

A middle-class beggar?
Seems to be one. Socks looks quite and but I detect no odour. Even the clothes looks normal and not bought from some Hypermarket. Moreover, I have never seen a beggar wearing a belt. But where are his shoes? And I also have never seen a beggar drinking bottled water let alone closing the caps after that.

A high-class beggar?
Sorry. This is a not a Fairy-tale.

A guy resting?
Maybe. A normal beggar would not source for scraps of paper to lie on the walkway. And with the current H1N1 virus around, he is taking precautions too. Not only does the blanket protects him from the virus, flies and fat photographers, it also serves as eye-shields.

While I took shots of him and with people walking
past, he did not even wake up. I was tempted to
shoot more but its not easy for a fat guy to run for
his life......

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